Barton Reading 1-4 for sale

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    I have four levels of the Barton Reading and Spelling System for sale.

    I streamed all of the videos, so the DVDs are new and never have been used. Tiles included in all sets. I used sheet protectors on the Student Sheets, so those are unmarked and included as well. The only sheets that have marking on the are the progress testing sheets on Level 3 I think. Prices do not include shipping.

    Level 1- $225- Like new, in original box. Two sets of tiles included, DVDs, manual, and unopened student game sheets.

    Level 2- $225- Extremely good condition, in original box. One set of tiles, DVDs, manual, blue and yellow student sheets. Only “defect” is a waved page in the manual due to me setting a glass of water with condensation on it. There are slight ripples on the bottom right quadrant of that page, but no staining, and page is fully readable.

    Level 3- $275- Extremely good condition, in original box. One set of tiles, DVDs, manual, blue and yellow student sheets. No defects. As this level is longer there may be slight wear on the manual and some of the student sheets, but it really is in fantastic shape.

    Level 4- $275- New in box. Box has been opened, but nothing in program has been used. Contains shrink-wrapped manual and student sheets, Spelling Ace Pro still in original wrapping, unopened DVDs (did not come shrink wrapped, but have never been opened or used), and tiles.

    Due to the number and expense of  materials, I will be happy to film a video and upload a private link on YouTube to show a flip through of the materials if interested.

    I would prefer to use UPS over USPS, and can provide shipping estimate upon offer.

    If you buy all four levels, I will pay/include shipping.

    I also have Foundations in Sounds I would be happy to throw in free if buying all four levels. It is also in excellent condition. You would need to contact FiS though about access to the videos, as I bought it with the streaming option so I don’t have any DVDs. Otherwise everything that came in the original box is included.  To make an offer or more info, please email me at bartonseller2021 at gmail dot com (formatted as normal.) Thanks!

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