Baratta-Lorton Reading Program

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  • Crystal Wagner

    Has anyone heard of or used the Baratta-Lorton Reading Program? It’s from the same authors as Workjobs for Parents and Math Their Way. It looks very interesting. Here’s the link.

    So is this all free?? I am watching the videos on another screen. It looks very interesting.

    Crystal Wagner

    It is all free, but you have to print everything out. And it’s not pdf files so it will be a bit of work. I am intrigued, but not sure if it would be worth the effort??

    This is really neat stuff. I printed off the story, Dekodiphukan, along with the “Parent Helps” from the main screen. This has the prnounciation guide for the 44 pictures. There are color sheets and I found a game through Google that has animated flash cards for the book Dekodiphucan—however, I am having a dickens of a time trying to get this game to download. You have to have Stuffit in order to unzip the file and I cannot get the thing to download….aargh. It is free too and my daughter has been whining for an hour to play it, but I am still trying to get it installed.

    Anyway,computer issues aside, I think this is really a workable program if you use the game, book, and parent helps. I really don’t think you have to print everything out because it really was intended for the classroom.

    Crystal Wagner

    After printing it out, do you think you need to look through the teacher’s manual or you have enough as it is?

    One thing that I really liked was that she would be able to write a “coded” message to grandparents or a story with the stamping idea. But I don’t want to invest a huge amount in having the stamps made. Any thoughts on that? There is a font that you can download, but that would be just as hard or harder than just asking me how to spell it and typing it out.

    Well, let me tell you the issues I have had! This is a great program, but unless you have an older Mac it is impossible to get the game or stamps downloaded.

    I did put together a binder with the following things:

    The story: Dekodiphukan

    The blackline master with the phonetic sounds beneath the pictures. I both printed it

    out at a referenc and made tiny flashcards out of colored cardstock.

    The Coloring book-also in the blackline masters section.

    Decoding Chart and Practice Worksheets (I think this is highly valuable because it contatins the phonemes that each picture represents. Memorizing this chart should help with spelling.)

    I believe with these things I can get going with the program. I also saved all of the general worksheets to a file on my computer to print off one by one as needed. If you use ball and stick or D’Nealian you can also print off handwriting sheets for the letters with the pictures above each letter.

    I emailed the contact for the program and that is how I found out the game and font cannot be downloaded. It would be wonderful if they could update this program as it seems really very CM. Visual first with abstract later. 🙂

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