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    I was looking through the sample schedules and saw that 4th graders can have daily “assigned reading.” I was curious what assigned readings do your 4th graders have in addition to family studies? Are they arranged daily or weekly? How many? I am looking at doing Visits to Europe as a family study with having the “older students” assigned reading for my 4th grader. He will also have a few history books to read through the year. Do you do literature independently? Science?


    If you go to the free curriculum guide here on the website, there is a link to click on for SCM’s recommendations for literature for each grade level.


    My 4th grader will be reading from the SCM’s independent history readings, as well as some easy biographies (Landmark, Childhood of Famous Americans, etc.).  I may come up with a “free reading list” as well.  I think 1-2 chapters per day is a good amount, depending on their reading ability and the chapter length.

    We tried separate literature last year, and it was difficult to keep up with who was reading what!  We’re going back to family readings here.  I’m planning 4 chapters per week for literature which will give us an “extra day” for book-related activities or extra time if a chapter gets to be a bit long.  We’ll also have a lunch time reading from a mix of chapter & picture books.

    We’ve always done science together.  For the coming year, we’ll be doing some things together, but my HSer will be using a separate text.  I may assign some separate readings throughout the year.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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