Apologia vs. Jay. Wile

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  • Help me out teachers! What are the Pros and cons of Apologia vs. Jay Wile’s General Science, Physical Science, Biology, and  Chemistry?



    Check out Dr. Wile’s blog. He has posts where he explains the differences as well as things he likes and issues he has with some of the new Apologia editions. He hasn’t been affiliated with Apologia for a while.

    Karen Smith

    You ask for the pros and cons of Apologia vs. Wile’s General Science, Physical Science, Biology, and Chemistry. Are you asking about the earlier editions of those books published by Apologia that Dr. Wile authored? Or are you asking about Dr. Wile’s newer books for elementary through high school published by a different publisher, Berean Builders?

    As Twinsmomxtwo stated Dr. Wile has not been affiliated with Apologia for awhile. Years ago, Dr. Wile decided to get out of the publishing business and sold Apologia. The new owners have been revising and updating the courses over the past several years.

    Dr. Wile’s Apologia books (Exploring Creation with . . .) were written for co-ops. Dr. Wile assumed that there would be an adult with some knowledge of the science being taught who could teach some of the nitty-gritty stuff that he skimmed over, such as some of the steps in solving equations for chemistry or physics. The books are excellent and were used by many homeschool moms and students successfully without the help of a co-op teacher.

    In contrast, Dr. Wile’s middle school and high school level books published by Berean Builders (Science in the Atomic Age and Discovering Design with . . .) are written directly to the student with the assumption that there is no one else in the household who knows anything about science. The books are more conversational than Wile’s Apologia books. They are all excellent in their presentation of the material to be learned and in the content. Dr. Wile has his reviews of Apologia’s new editions and information on his new books on his blog. You can purchase his Science in the Atomic Age and Discovering Design with . . . books from Berean Builders or from us (SCM).

    This is very helpful! I appreciate you sending Dr Wile blog. This answers many of the questions I had. Thank you so much!

    Thank you for sharing more. I didn’t make the connection that he had published the books with apologia and that… I recall looking last year at what was recommended for my kids for science in the upcoming grades and I had remembered apologia and had even saved some of those. SO now I was debating what to do. I appreciate DR Wile’s blog and explaining some of his books were for coop classes or the like. This is helpful. I really wanted something written directly for the student. Thank you, Karen, for your answer to my question!

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