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    Hey y’all.  I’ll be doing Apologia’s Botany with my 5th, 3rd, and 1st graders next year.  I was wondering is it worth it to add on the note-booking journals as well as the pre-organized science experiment supply kit?  We do the experiments at co-op but I might like to do them at home too.  Is the notebook just a time waster?  Thanks!


    Because we do the experiments at home, and it is nice to have all the supplies on hand so that I actually do them with the kids, I do get the science kits. There are a few options. I get mine through homeschoolsciencetools they are less expensive than some of the other ones. They don’t have everything included but they have the hard to find items like aquarium tubing and things like that (can’t remember which year we needed aquarium tubing, but it was so nice to have just what was needed on hand and not have to search out the hard to find items).

    We did the Notebook our first year, but have not since. I felt like it was busy work and we did not use it very much, but I have friends who really like them for their kids. It is just a personal preference. Instead we have spiral notebooks that the top half is blank and the bottom half of the page is lined. It is perfect for drawing and also writing narrations. I purchase mine from Millar Pads and they are great because they have different ones for different grades. My youngest uses the younger one so the page is set horizontally and only has two wide lines and a lot more space to draw, my bigger kids are vertical with less space to draw and more space to write.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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