Anyone with a large family try something besides SCM/CM?

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    We’ve been mostly CM for the last few years, but we may be switching to some workbooks this next year, specifically for LA and science.  This past year was hard with my kids having several medical needs, my husband working extra hours and renovating an abandoned house.  Give yourself permission to find what works for your family at this season of life.  It’s ok to love the CM method and not be a purist all the time.



    Raines, thanks for the tip with large families. I will look at the site you mentioned.  I have 10 children ages 3-23.

    One thing that helped me with the grading is this:  they come to a designated grading area and cannot have a pencil in hand, only a red pen.  They grade their work themselves (math, some grammar work sheets, other things like this that I call their “independent work”).  They let me know what they needed to correct and it has been going fairly well. I have a newly adopted boy who was cheating while grading.  Sometimes I will randomly grade his for him or keep a close eye on his work to help him persever and grow in his character. 

    When we do formal grammar and/or spelling copy work, I discipline myself to grade it right then and there while they are studying.  Many times grade it together and discuss the errors/corections together. This is on a good day.  The other days, if something slips, I can catch it later.  Analytical Grammar is a bit difficult to grade but I suffer through it. 

    I learned a lesson the hard way when my older son took Math U See Geometry which was self driven.  I assumed he was doing fine.  He got to the final and I graded it for him.  He did poorly.  I looked back through the his workbook and he wasn’t being thorough in his grading.  He failed the class and is taking it again. :/  He needed much more accountability.  I was preoccupied.  Mistakes are good teachers. 

    We do Apologia science one semester and history another or do science 2 days a week and history 2 days a week together.  There is not a lot of grading needed in these subjects.   



Viewing 2 posts - 16 through 17 (of 17 total)
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