Anyone use Growing with Grammar?


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  • Rachel White

    I was just wondering if anyone here had used this and what are your thoughts on it. I’m not considering using it, I was just looking at it. Grammar is the subject I second guess about the most; I don’t have the same concerns in any other subject. It looks very thorough, which provides that nice, comfy feelingSmile. I’m happy with what I’m using, and have a long-term plan, I was just thinkin…you know…supplemental? The samples I saw looked short and sweet and could be done orally or independantly, it seemed to me. But it’s probably not necessary, is it? Mmmm….

    Thanks for your input, Rachel


    I bought it but am not using it. It is a lot like Rod and Staff’s grammar which we had used in the past but more streamlined and without religious content. It is very workbook-y, lots of pages to fill in. Since I spent the money for it I do occasionally use some of the pages as supplemental work to reinforce a concept. Mostly we are using the KISS grammar.

    Rachel White

    Yes, I was wondering around at different grammar programs. I have done things in a CM fashion their whole schooling, so I’m not going to change that and this program would be a monumental change and not a good fit. I prayed on it last night and this morning had a different idea, which I posted about and am more content with, too.

    Thank you so much Nebby! You just confirmed for me not to bother with it.


    michelle l

    I do use it with my 9 and 11 year olds, and used it last year as well.  I think it is probably more grammar work than a strictly CM education would require.  (I have not read Charlotte’s orignial works yet however, so take that with a grain of salt.)  My children are not doing much writing yet, and I struggle with fear about that while at the same time struggling to fit it all in.  Because of that, I do like that it gives my boys daily work with words, and some direct instruction.  I also like that it seems to be very logical, so to me there seems to be value to the study beyond the grammar work itself.  My 11 year old writes most of his answers, but my 9 year old will often do a portion of it orally. 

    It sounds like you’re happy with what you have.Smile


    I used grade 1 and dropped it. There is correction of sentences and the like that are wrong and I didn’t like seeing the wrong patterns.

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