Anyone switch from Right Start Math to Math U See?

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    Hi there, 🙂

    Has anyone switched from Right Start Math to Math U See?   My dd7 is using Right Start right now, but it isn’t going great.  Not sure if it is the program or if math will just be a hang up for her.  I have borrowed a copy of Math U See from a friend and the two programs seem totally different.  Right Start goes over several things at a time, which I am ok with, but is very teacher lead.  Math U See has the videos, which seem helpful for my daughter to watch, but then they have all those work sheets which seem to be dull and kind of to the point of beating a dead horse in how many they may possibly have to do.  Has anyone found this boring for their child?  Do the lessons for Math U See take wayyyy longer since you are also usually including a video to help explain?  I know alot of people use it and love it, just trying to figure out if it is a good move to Math U See after being with Right Start.  Thank you for any insight!


    I haven’t used RightStart, but we do use Math U See and it does NOT take us a lot of time at all. The videos (in Alpha at least) are only about 5 minutes long. So the first day of a new lesson, we watch the video together and follow along with the demonstration, then we work through the first worksheet together (she works out the problems with the blocks and tells me what she is doing with each one), which takes 10, maybe 15 minutes. We may do this again the second day if she still needs guidance, otherwise she can do the rest of the worksheets more or less on her own for the rest of the week…which again, only takes 10-15 minutes max. There is also no obligation to do ALL of the worksheets…you can skip some of them if your child picks up on the concept quickly, and move on to the next lesson. My dd hasn’t been bored with it, but we do mix things up by having a game day every now and again, or working on another concept like telling time. It is set up in such a way that it is very easy to do this if you feel the need to mix things up a bit to stave off boredom.

    All that to say that we’ve found it very easy to use and not at all time consuming.



    We are on level B of Right Start now. At the beginning of the year after we’d finished A and started B, I considered switching to MUS. Someone encouraged me to join the RS yahoo group and that has been really helpful. I also set the timer for 30 mins. and stop wherever we are in the lesson and pick up the next time. I’ve also been encouraged to slow down if she’s having trouble and play more games. We don’t have to finish level B in one year, we can stretch it out. I know RS has been great for me personally in learning to think about numbers differently and to do mental math.


    We did because my dd with APD found it easier to use the blocks then the abacus.  I like them both, but love that Math U See is not as mom-intensive.  Mine are older and so we watch the video together and then they work on the sheets. I kept the RightStart Math games as a fun way to add in practice.  You can most certainly alternate days of worksheets and games or set the time for x amount of time for worsksheets, then finish the rest of the scheduled time with the games.

    That way you can have some of both. =)


    We do the same exact thing as MamaSnow does. One thing I did that my dd loves is, I bought colored pencils that match the blocks and she uses those instead of a regular pencil. Let’s just say this was a HUGE hit!!! :0) The total time for MUS in our house is about 15 minutes. We love MUS!  


    When my dd was 6-7, we switched from Right Start to MUS.  It was a big relief for both of us.  The blocks were much easier to work with than the abacus and all the other RS manipulatives.  I agree with the others that MUS did not take a lot of time, and we moved right along when we were ready no matter how many worksheets we did or didn’t do.  We have since switched to Math on the Level, but MUS gave us a good foundation.  It’s definitely worth looking into.   

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