Anyone Read, "A Hist of the English Speaking Peoples?


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    I picked up a used four-volume set at our library and I saw that AO has it on their reading list starting with book one in 7th grade which is where my dd will be in the fall.

    We will be doing Egypt for one term and then Greece for the remainder of the year. I wanted to add one chapter a week for her to read. We will also be using a book of centuries. I’ve read great reviews of the books, but I’m learning as I go so I’m not too familiar with “great or living books.” With time, I’m getting better though.

    She’s an avid reader and at times, it seems like I don’t have enough books for her to read. We’ll go to the library and I’ll choose five to eight books and she’ll read them in about three days. I just wasn’t sure if it was overkill in the history department.

    P.S. I don’t want to be typical and say, “we are going to use them because I have them on my shelf.”Wink

    God bless!

    I am assuming you are meaning the series of books written by Winston Churchill – if so, then yes I have read them and my daughters read them all in high school.  We all enjoyed them immensely though they are not an easy read, Churchill wrote beautifully and that was also a large part of the appeal for us, as we enjoy him so.  However I do know some people who have started them and either found them too dry, too difficult or just not their cup of tea.  Have you read through any of the chapters? You know your child, and you would be able to discern if she would find them dull and boring or worthwhile – you would also then see if they were on her level or if she needed to wait a while.  Our family love history and being English, Churchill is near and dear to my heart, so that helps – maybe she could read a couple of chapters, then she may say, yes I loves it, or no, this is awful – you could also see if she can narrate them, if she cannot, maybe she should wait a while until she can follow them better.  Good luck.  Linda


    Thanks for the input! I appreciate it. I read a couple of chapters of book one and I enjoyed it. My dd also loves history so we’ll see if she’ll enjoy this particular set.

    Have a blessed weekend!

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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