Anyone in Central Ohio?

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    I was wondering if there is anyone out there in Central Ohio that is using CM? We are just starting this fall and I just thought it would be nice to meet up with anyone else in this area. Thanks.


    We are about 30 minutes southeast of Columbus.

    I am about 15-20 minutes West of Hilliard (& Columbus) and just starting looking at teaching a CM method to my children (oldest is 4).  Love what I’ve read so far.  sounds like we may have children of similiar ages?


    I’m in Ohio about 45 minutes East of Columbus. My kiddos are 11, 8, 7, 5, 4, 2, 1 with baby coming in July. We’ve done mostly CM for a few years now.


    On July 12-13, the Bluegrass Charlotte Mason community will host a conference on Charlotte Mason education in Lexington, KY.  The conference will include sessions and workshops on narration, preschool, teaching children with ADD, nature study, composer study, artist study, the science of relations, setting atmosphere, the history of CM education and many more.

    All of the speakers are also speaking at the Charlotte Mason Institute conference in Ferrum, VA in June.  This would be an excellent opportunity to learn more about CM, whether you are a beginning or veteran CM homeschooler.


    hmm…i just saw this post now and was considering posting on this topic myself..maybe i should PM you, Stephanie? never done that before….

    Have you organized a gettogether at all yet?

    i have been planning on using CM since my first was less than 1 year…and scm nearly as long:) as my oldest turns 5 tomorrow!! i am in the midst of planning our first “official” but very light K year…. i have 2 youngers as well.

    Anyway, i would REALLY REALLY like to meetup every so often with others doing CM who do not live too far away ! we are on the north end of columbus.

    my planned “staRT” date is sept. 9.

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