Anyone have preschoolers using the CM organizer?

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    Do any of you include your preschoolers as students in your CM Organizer?

    If so, what tricks did you use to “schedule” their read alouds?

    Larger books that are read over a number of days are easy in the CM organizer, but I am pondering what is going to be the best way to schedule picture books as read alouds.

    In our life, I usually allow our preschooler to choose what book we read when.  (I have them all on a shelf and they just pick which ones they want to hear.)  So the order they read them in is not really important to me.  Every now and then I will pick a book to read, but it is mostly child led.   Also, we often read picture books repetively.  So when I schedule it, I want to do it in a way that won’t completly remove them from our list when we finish the book.   So knowing all of those things, what is going to be the best way to schedule/track our reading? 


    I do it the same way I do my son’s leisure reading…  I just add it after-the fact, and mark it done.  (I also tend to only put in short books the first time they are read…)

    That said, I don’t see a lot of point in keeping track in the really early years – unless you have a good reason.   I do track my 5yo’s reading, and other things – but she is doing a K year really.  I don’t track anything from my 2yo because it really doesn’t matter.  But maybe you have a reason to track it…

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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