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    Michelle, Have you noticed that he can watch an animal documentary or something and can tell you details that you never saW?  My daughter loves animals and likes to read stories, play games, etc about them.  We have some (don’t panic when you read this =) ) Disney True Life Adventures movies filmed in the life time of Disney.  He sent photographers to the wilds and they filmed everything about the animals for 3 years, then the studio turned it into a really fun “living book” style of documentary.  There are 4, we have 3 of them.  We have the Lands of Exploration series which includes  Seal Island, The Living Desert, and The Vanishing Prarie.  VERY COOL!  We have others also, and are getting more because she really responds to them – the desert one actually shows so many things that we read about up close and personal.  Anyway, the reason I was talking about these are that I had her start doing written narrations about what she learned.  She chooses one animal, insect, whatever at a time and then narrates it to me – I write it and she will re-write it and illustrate it on our notebooking pages.  She loves it and wants it to be right, so she has tries to really work hard on the presentation of it.  

    Maybe something like that could also be worked in as science and reinforce the spelling etc that you are working on too.  If she is watching these videos, we use them during lunch so I have a minute to regroup for the afternoon.  Each segment is about 30-45 minutes long.  All 4 of my kids love them.  I even find them in the afternoons in their rooms with their stuffed animals playing African Lions – they are hunting, and the cubs are in the den, etc.  How fun.  =)


    Sheila – Yes I have totally noticed that which is why, for a long time, I thought he had attention issues.  Ability to hyperfocus at times and then tune out  at other times.  Now I realize that his attention span is blessedly long, but he must be focused constantly to “hear”.  Just like with your daughter’s videos, if he’s interested he can tell you things that, you, watching or hearing the very same thing, completely didn’t get.  (But then Mama’s attention span is a whole other issue!)  I will look into those videos – they sound great.



    I got those paticular movies through the Disney Movie Club, which I joined since we decided to not to have TV (cable) so I could provide my girls some “fun” movies.  The older live action ones I watched when I was younger are available and I don’t have to worry quite so much about content.  =)

    The True Life adventure series included: Vol 2: Lands of Exploration (The Living Desert, The Vanishing Prarie, Seal Island); Vol. 3: Creatures of the Wild (Africian Lions, Jungle Cats, Bear Country); Vol. 4: Nature’s Mysteries (Secrets os Life, Perri).  Vol. 1 is not availble.

    They have 3 new ones I just got that I haven’t watched yet – DisneyNature Oceans, DisneyNature Earth, and DisneyNature “The Crimson Wing: Mystery of the Flamingo”.  My sister told me that there is a new one coming April 22 called African Cats (or lions) that has a ton of teaching/interactive things to do on the Disney web site. 

    Apparently in both series they had to come up with new technology to film the amazing things they did.  There are the interesting behind the scenes videos too.  Even our DVD of Sleeping Beauty had a fun short film about Peter Tchaikovsky in it, and a couple of videos of nature set to music (the Grand Canyon) which shows footage of animals, snow, flashflood in the Colorado river – looks like chocolate milk with trees bobbing up and down in it like marshmellows).

    Anyway, there are lots of nature movies, even on the internet, I was just giving you examples of how I used them in our “classroom”.  =)

    Just a thought, Sheila

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