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    I have a 1st grader and tag along 4 year old (and 18 month old most certainly not tagging along…he finds very interesting alternatives ;). I am doing a condensed version of modules 1 and 2. For Egypt we are doing all the Bible but none of the commentary, Ancient Egypt and her neighbors, and the 1-3 additional books. For Greece I am not so sure I think that the story of the Greeks is too detailed (i have it) and I am not sure about the cousins books. We may just look at books like See inside an ancient Greek town and Growing up in ancient Greece. My kids do well with pictures to talk about. We read the Bible part every day. What do you all think of this plan?

    Another question, we enjoyed the Pyramid book by Mann. Why is the Parthenon book by her only recommended for older students?


    Lastly my son keeps asking when we will get to Jesus. When I say next year he is sad. I think he is getting fed up with everyone not worshiping God;) I tell him God was too and point out that despite their shortcomings the patriarchs did worship God. Should I speed up pur OT history to get to the New Testament this year? Which readings would you cut to do this?

    Any thoughts on all this?


    Maybe his impatience to get to Jesus’s appointed arrival in history can be an object lesson. Ask him if he can imagine how the people of Israel felt, waiting for the promised anointed one to come? He only has to wait a year. Imagine how the people of Israel waited hundreds of years and many of them died without seeing the fulfillment of that promise. When you get to Luke and read about Simeon and Anna’s joy at seeing the Messiah when he was dedicated at the temple, then your little guy will be able to identify with them!! When Jesus was born, it was really GOOD NEWS that the angels told the shepherds! They had been waiting all their lives to hear it!

    About Greece and all . . . . it’s a good thing his heart is heavy about it. Point out that many people all over the world are still living in darkness even though Jesus has actually already come. Start praying for unreached peoples who have never heard that God promised a deliverer and that the deliverer has come- God himself took the punishment for the man’s sin so that man could be reconciled to him. Window on the World is a helpful family resource for praying for peoples in need of the gospel and God’s word in their language.

    Sonya Shafer

    The Parthenon book has a lot more text and a lot of detail about the civilization, their gods, their culture, and such. The reading level seems higher than The Great Pyramid book, and I thought it would be a bit much for the younger students.

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