Analytical Grammar vs Shurley English for dyslexic 14 y/o

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    I’ve had the hardest time teaching grammar to my dyslexic girl age 14.  She is still struggling identifying a noun and a verb.  I was hoping Nessy would help this as well, but it hasn’t despite helping tremendously with spelling and math facts.  SCM recommends Analytical Grammar, and I recently heard about Shurley English mentioned on one of Pam BarnHill’s podcasts.  My daughter is HIGHLY auditory.  She memorizes at the drop of a hat especially if it is set to music.  So in researching them both…I just don’t know.  Analytical Grammar seems more me.  Shurley English seems more her.  Any ideas?



    p.s.  My daughter is extraordinarily bright…and can give you the definition of a noun and a verb…but picking them out of a sentence really taxes her at this point.


    Maybe Fix it Grammar or something with more context would help?  Life of Fred Language Arts has some grammar.

    There is an old story called Grammarland or something like that, that personifies the parts of speech.  Maybe that would help.

    Jenny Stephenson

    My daughter is 13 and dyslexic as well. We’ve had a hard time with grammar too. This year I tried Analytical grammar but I decided to start with the junior version for her. I also bought the companion dvd (I was hoping watching a dvd and learning from someone else might help).

    We are on unit 7 now and I’m absolutely astounded by how well she is doing. She’s diagraming and not missing a word. It’s incredible.

    So all that to say I would highly recommend you give Analytical Grammar a try!


    Thank you!!!!

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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