Ambleside Online alongside SCM history/Bible/Geography?

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    Hi! I will have an almost-7 yo and an almost 5-yo this fall. I am leaning toward using Ambleside Online Year 1, but I LOVE the geography that SCM offers (Visits to Africa and Genesis-Deuteronomy is the Bible/History part of that). j

    Has anyone used these two alongside each other?

    I also have a toddler so my time will be limited 🙂 Is it worth it to add more in on top of Ambleside? Or would you skip Ambleside and just do SCM? Ideas?


    Richele Baburina

    Hi azizanoor!  I think you’ll find a lot of people combine the resources found in both Ambleside and SCM.  Glean what you love from both, being sure to not overfill your schedule, allowing margin in your days and time outdoors.

    All my best,



    We do many of the audio books from LibriVox on the Ambleside list, and not in any particular order.  And we have added some books here and there in certain subjects.


    It’s fine to take what you want from each, but if you do SCM geo and history, make sure you take out those subjects from AO1. You don’t need to double up.


    Wings2fly – Thank you for that list.  I was very excited and am scanning through it with great joy.


    p.s. I received the books thanks.


    I agree with the others.  I often use a variety of sources when planning my year.  I mostly use SCM, but do use AO as a resource for some subjects.

    It is very important not to double up.  Otherwise you would get overwhelmed.  If you are using SCM’s geography, you’ll want to replace AO’s geography books with the Visits To… book.

    I like to list out all the subjects we will be covering, then list which resources/curriculum we’ll be using to cover that subject.  That keeps me from having too many materials for one subject.  It’s very easy to over-buy curriculum because it all looks so great!



    Planning Your CM Education book and DVD set is a HUGE help in bringing your year together, ESPECIALLY, when you are making a mix of things (which most of us do). I don’t plan a year with out this resource now. It helps me focus on our goals, narrow my lists so I don’t get overwhelmed, and set a very doable schedule that works for is. I can not recommend it enough. I have friends who use it and don’t use CM method, they just want their year to be planned well.

Viewing 7 posts - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)
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