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    Anyone following the suggested books and weekly plan that is listed at ambelside on-line?

    How well is that working for you, was it easy to jump into, and how long have you been using it?

    I am thinking about following the plan for level 0,1, pre-7, and 7.

    Is it easy to use with multiple levels?

    I am trying to find the right plan for our family, any imput would be helpful.





    I had a hard time doing several levels of AO. Tried it for a while, but we were all always in a whirl and I would honestly just not be able to keep track of what each son was doing or learning. I was always saying things like “Napoleon? You’re not reading about Napoleon, you’re in Greece, aren’t you? No? Which one of you is reading Greece then????” LOL

    Also I needed a little more flexibility in book choices. What I ended up doing is making a list of my favorite AO books, and then “importing” them into the SCM framework, then we choose others to make up the rest. AO just had too much of some things for us–mythology, for instance. It just worked better for us to rework things a little, and then I couldn’t use the AO schedules anymore because I had changed too many things, so then I had to laboriously do all my own lesson plans until I started the SCM Organizer here.

    It was just my experience. I did love a lot of AO. Especially we are fond of the nature study books there, and we “brought” all those over here with us.

    I hope you get lots of other responses, too. Also if you do not already belong to the Ambleside Online email list, it is extremely helpful and there are real pros there to answer specific AO questions. If you are seriously considering it, I’d be sure and sign up there.

    You’ll find lots of different opinions there and it would be good as you explore around. I hope you get lots of different opinions here too!

    Michelle D


    I have to concur with Michelle. AO has some fabulous book selections, but I had to change so much to suit our family, it was quickly unworkable. Some of their selections were just too brutal for my DD’s. They have found some absolute treasures I would not have known about otherwise, though. And the wisdom gleaned from their yahoo groups was invaluable…but now, we have the forum here. I recognize many names on this list…the wisdom is flowing as strongly here as well!

    I, too, imported those books I liked into these modules. SCM offers family friendly reading and I like that the best of today’s literature is included, too. Sonya’s guides are wonderful if you haven’t tried them. It’s easy to incorporate additional readings into the various modules, especially the newly revamped modules!!

    There are numerous other CM sites that I pulled from, too. I’m very thankful for all these generous souls that took so much time to put together these curriculum lists for us. The time it would have taken to do this on my own…I can’t even imagine. There will be one that will have the best framework for your family and then you can fill in the pieces.

    Ahh, the beauty of homeschooling…it’s so family PERFECT!


    I have done the AO this year for the first time. We have done 0, 2, 4, 5, and 8. It has worked well for me, but I either eiminated books I didn’t feel necessary or replaced them with others. I didn’t care to teach my kids much about the Greek gods, so we found a Guerber book that touched on it lightly. She did a really good job writing it. Also some books were just too much for my younger girls. We just replaced them with books on the additional reading lists. Anyway, I have found that every curriculm out there has to be somewhat ‘tweaked’ for every family.




    Thanks for all this though I don’t have a comment being new to this CM method it is great to get such wisdom with no put downs! I can read and get great information on everything here and go with it. Finally a place to call home.

    Thanks Misty

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