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    So my son will be 5 on Sept 15th, in PS that puts him in Pre-K as he doesn’t make the prior to Sept cut off.  Thats fine by me.  But he wants to learn.  Now not every day some days he wants to do as much as brothers others he just wants to do a little.

    I’m good with either.  We just play it by ear each day.  But I want to keep him feeling like he’s doing great things.  He wanted to learn to read and is on lesson 60 in Teach your child to read in 100 lessons and will spend 30 minutes happily doing a chapter a day.  He knows his numbers and that’s great.

    What othere small things could I have him do for the independent time?  Thanks Misty



    My oldest will be 5 in December so I am in the same boat.  I am going to have him do an alphabet book this year so he can learn his letters and sounds and read aloud each day.  I have a friend who has a young one that also wants to do school and she finds that if she gives her a puzzle or a math manipulative (one she can handle) it keeps her busy. Another mom I saw at convention this weekend talked about little bears that they can match, sort, etc.  Sorry I do not know the name of the little bears but she said she brought them out at school tme and her twin preschoolers looked forward to playing with them each day.

    I have had several friends recommend Teach Your Child to Read in 100 lessons.  What has been your experience? My son probably won’t be ready for another year but I would like to be ready if things go faster than I expect.

    Thanks, Carolyn   



    I found out the bears are counting bears and they can be found on Amazon.  They are called 50 counting bears with 5 cups.  I would add the link but I am not that tech savySmile


    Where we live, they would be in K…

    My daughter has a January birthday and just misses the Dec 31st cutoff…  so although she is 5.5, if she was in school she would only be in K… but she has followed along her older brother’s lessons (and demanded her own) – and I’d say in almost everything she is Grade 1 or 2 level easily.   The only thing she struggles with is handwriting….

    Which brings me to a suggestion….  maybe work on handwriting?   When you say Independant time, do you mean one-on-one time with you and him, or something for him to do independantly?


    the 100 lessons book – I  have used it to teach 5 children to read.  I love it, it’s all in there nothing else is needed and for us it worked great.  And these are 5 boys mind you!  Wink  I also found that after they did this they read very well.  No a lot of problems or missing pieces.

    Suzu – I guess both with me and without.  Trying to find a balance.  My to be 5 yr old is also in K grade information and school type stuff.  He likes me to “teach” him.  We’ll work on some handwriting without tears at a slow pace and if we get stuck I’ll use the Startwrite to practice it more. 

    It’s hard when the olders need you more but the youngers are loving your attention.  Mind you I have time for my olders to spend with my younger 3 taking turns to give me 1on1 time with someone for say math.  So I am also looking for things for the siblings to do with them (5ds, 2.5dd &10mo dd) to be QUIET!!  That’s the key word!  Misty


    Somewhere I read once that little kids like messy activities best, and I have found that to be so true with my seven kids… my current 5yo can easily spend a half hour (or more!) at the sink with some dishes and bubbly water. Yes it gets water everywhere but she is very QUIET for a good long time, so for me it is worth it. And she has so much fun! Then one of the olders can help with a quick clean up and the bonus is that the floor gets a spot-mopping 😉

    Playdoh is another messy but lots-of-fun activity for that age…

    Rice in a bin with small dishes, funnels, etc…

    The best resource I have ever found with ideas for engaging and independent activities for the preschool and early school crowd is Valerie Bendt’s book, Making the Most of the Preschool Years. You can order it at her website or from CBD and sometimes it shows up used on the WTM boards or other places. It is chock full of great ideas and I really love her philosophy of education for the youngers in our homes.

    HTH 🙂


    I will be doing Five in a Row volume 2 books with my preschool son and then one day a week we will do an activity related to the book. This will be something that is special just for him which seems important to him so he is not always the one being left out. (not that he doesn’t hang out for the older two’s lessons but it isn’t the same :o)

    I also have a shelf of “school” games and toys that he does not have unlimited access to so it is special to get to play with one while the older two are doing math or whatever.

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