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    I have been using Math U See with my 3 kiddos and love it! However, as I plan our new year, my youngest will be moving on to the Alpha level and unfortunately it is just too expensive for our family. My older children started at level Gamma so where I would normally pass down the levels to my youngest,  I can’t. Though I hate to change, we just cannot afford the $88. I have searched on Amazon and found the instruction pack for a good deal, but was unable to find the student workbook pages. Again, we love Math U See, but just cannot afford it at this point. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated. Also if anyone knows of any comparable curriculum’s that is affordable, please let me know.

    Rachel White

    May I suggest no curriculum? Just teach addition and subtraction on your own. Use the MUS blocks if you have them. Maybe some workbooks from Walmart. We used a series called The Complete Book of Math for 1st grade (recommended by MFW). Its not a “curriculum” but you could print out the MUS table of contents, teach the topic and then pull worksheets from any workbook, or make them yourself or print them out. MUS even has a worksheet generator. If you could get the MUS teacher manual or DVD on the cheap you could easily just the MUS way and use any workbook or practice sheets you had on hand. Addition and subtraction – easy, peasy. I would recommend teaching place value the MUs way, I think they do a good job. But I think if you have just the TM you could make it work just fine.  Good luck.


    Awesome!! I feel so relieved, thank you both!

    Participant has some Math-U-See Alpha items for sale right now.  I don’t know if you have ever used this site but I have both purchased and sold products through it and have been very pleased.  I hope this helps!


    Karen Tryon

    I am a little late to this post but my youngest girls just finished Alpha and have moved on.  I would be willing to give you my teacher book and video.  The video is scratched in a couple of places but most of it plays.  If you have students already working in MUS and you have the blocks then you would only need the student book.  Or, you can just do as was mentioned above and just build and maybe print extra work off the website.  But you would have the teaching video to give them the basis on the blocks and how to use them.  I have owned this level since 2004 (I just aged myself.  LOL!!!  My eldest who started with it is graduating this Saturday.  <<sniff,sniff>>)  But all of my children have used this video for alpha and have done just fine.  The new workbooks work with it, if you even use it.  Please let me know if you’d be interested.

    In His Grace,



    Hi Karen!

    If 4mykiddos hasnt taken this off your hands yet or doesnt intend to, I’d be interested! My son finished Primer this year and needs Alpha, but I was hesitant because I have a brand new Saxon Math 2 set that was given to me…way cheaper than the $88…but I worry he wont do well with the switch.

    Just let me know! 🙂



Viewing 7 posts - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)
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