Advice needed with 13 year old boy

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    I am new to CM.  It has been very refreshing to read the materials and prepare for the upcoming year, but I am a bit overwhelmed.  Over the years, I have been too strict or too lax.  I have not trained my children with the CM philosopy and even thought it shows in many ways, God has been gracious to me.  I really have great children.  My most difficult challenge is with my son.  It is very hard for him to do his independent work on his own at a pace that is acceptable.  I am using CM style curriculum.  This morning it took him 35 minutes just to get our the MUS DVD, watch it, read the pages from the manual with me and the put it all away.  I want to help him be diligent and work without being sooooo distracted.  It is a constant struggle and it causes problems for us as a family.  Where do I begin?  Would “Laying Down the Rails” be of help to me or is it for younger children.  I really could use some sage advice on this situation.

    Thank you.



    I had this same problem  with my 13 yr old son last year. Here’s what worked for us.  I bought a timer and set it for say 30 min to complete a subject, if he did not finish his work before the timer went off – it became “homework” and we moved on. After everyone was finished with school, he then had to complete his homework before playing, watching tv, etc.  Often spending another hour or two doing school work while the other children played outside, rode bikes, etc.

    He learned to focus on his work and to finish it in a timely manner.  It didn’t take him long of having homework everyday to overcome this issue, less than a month. We still use the timer even though it’s really no longer needed but does help all of us to stay on our schedule.

    Hope this helps,

    Jodie Apple

    The timer has done wonders in our home as well!!  Smile


    Thanks, I will give it a try in the morning!

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