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    Has anyone implemented (or understand how to) implement their history streams?  It appears by 5th grade, students are doing three streams, and younger kids can join in (at their level) at any point.  The company appears to sell templates but not curriculum per se, and it has spine book recommendations.  Just wondered if anyone had ordered, implemented, etc. used it?


    We used their templates for several years, and had consultations for two of the years.  Both were relatively inexpensive. They have many beautiful book recommendations (which you sometimes need to hunt down) and the rotation is a beautiful way to go through history.  The templates are really useful to see what you need to add or take away and help you build a strong homeschool day and year. Their podcasts and training videos can be helpful.

    We have come back to SCM. None of us loved the multiple streams of history in practice.  It felt like multiple shallow jumps.  I didn’t love sacrificing a better look at american history for a british history time slot.  Some of the books were hard to find, expensive, or not to our tastes.

    Here’s my plug for SCM: SCM’s history modules are significantly easier to implement with a family that has more than two kids.  There is significantly less time spent as a teacher finding the books and scheduling things out. SCM has helpful tools ready to go (like narration prompt cards, timeline dates in the manual, optional books or projects to add in, etc). We’ve homeschooled for 10 years and we use bits and pieces from every “CM” company (AO, alveary, gentle feast, ADE, AMCM, and more) and  SCM’s has been the best fitting overall.


    This thread seems to have one reply, but I cannot see it or read it.  Was it removed?  I was just hoping for some feedback.  Thanks!

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