A2 booklist and ? about any living books to go with history study? MOH as spine?

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  • Does anyone have the ciriculum of the A2?  Accelerated-Achievement
    A-Squared (A2 Curriculum), does it have many of the same books listed in the SCM.

    Here is my trouble,  I am just spending to much time trying to find books that go with.  Not knowing but wanting.  I just wnat to read through my Mystery of History as a spine and then do family read alouds and separate assigned reading to the children in various levels.  But trying to find each book and then order and get it hear is hours.  There are so many books lists.  And I am pretty picky on some books.

    As a family we do not wish to use Cronicles of Narnia, or focus on length of greek myths.  THey get a quick glims of that with the Usborne books and we talk about it but that is all I want.  But I do like history and life of these people and time and would love it to be living. Catching.

    So does A2 give you these books to print.

    Does it just make the whole living books finding simple and done?  Does it have lots of the SCM titles on it.

    Am I also correct that the bookfinder has books that Sonya reccomends plus what ever else others have added over time.  Is there any checking from Sonya on the book before it is actually added to see if she feels it fits the CM style. 


    Sonya Shafer

    I don’t know anything about A2, but I can address the Bookfinder question. Currently the books that are listed in the CM Bookfinder were either entered by Karen and me or approved by me. Our favorites will have a little green “CM” beside the title.

    We are working toward others’ being able to share their favorites in the near future. 

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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