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    Does anyone need any of these books? I tried selling them on Homeschool Classifieds awhile back with no takers. I don’t really want to offer them on Freecycle because I would really like to get them into the hands of a family who would certainly make use of them, not just someone who scarfs up free books hoping to sell them elsewhere.

    I would like to have the cost of shipping covered, though. (We still have a couple of this year’s books to purchase + upcoming music class fees.)

    English for the Thoughful Child, volume one. There is a little pencil writing in the first 9 lessons, but it is light & could probably be erased. Otherwise in very good condition.

    Considering God’s Creation, teacher’s manual. No marks or writing, good condition.

    Voyage to the Planets by Richard Bliss & Donald DeYoung. Nice living book to introduce the planets to upper elementary and maybe junior high. Biblical view of the solar system; older material (1997), but could be supplemented by viewing updated photos from newer NASA missions online. Good condition with no marks or writing inside.

    If you could use any of these, please pm me.


    PM ing you


    Pm’d you!


    Both CGC and EFTC have been claimed. I do still have Voyage to the Planets available. It’s a nice living science book–older (Pluto is still a planet in the book), but good info based on creation.

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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