A child's book of character – how do *you* use it?

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    I’ve looked through th book, and I’m guessing we read one of the exerpts and talk about it, and again with the next story next week.

    what do you do to reinforce it to your kids? I’m a teachers manual kind of gal. ;). Mainly because this is our first year, and also because I really really need to work on habit/character training. I don’t want to just read the stories and be done, because I don’t think that will do much for my little ones.

    Depending on how old your kids are, I simply ask them to tell back the story. It sticks in their little brains when they can have opportunity to retell in their own way. I do not ask a lot of questions, but sometimes I will ask them what they think about it.

    Also, I sometimes leave the book out for my girls to look at and recall stories already read. My 8 year old will even read the story again to my 5 year old if she sees it laying on the dinner table while they are waiting for me to fix their snack. Keep that a secret between us moms though. 🙂


    This year I bought “The 21 Rules of This House” (http://www.lovetolearn.net/catalog/detail/21%20rules%20of%20this%20house/0). Each week we study one rule and I read stories daily that reinforce the teaching. I rely on stories from “A Child’s Book of Character”, The Bible, saint stories, and other pearls I find along the way.

    So, I don’t specifically use that book as a standalone, but I do read the stories from it regularly to reinforce the rules.


    My daughter is 6 years old.  I was thinking of doing narration with it, and just seeing if she understands what the moral of the story is.  I had also thought of possibly copy work, but the stories are too long for copywork for a 6 year old.

    Simple home – Do you read all (at play, at school, at home, in the bible) of the stories at once, or do you spread them out?  The reading to the other sibling is a good idea 😉  Maybe that will be part of her “assignment”, to read it to her younger sister.  



    We are using this book also with  5 going on 6 year old.  We  memorize the little verse and definition at the start of each section.  Those could also be used for copywork also, I suppose.  I am also using some of the ideas from these Kids of Integrity lesson plans to go along with each trait http://www.kidsofintegrity.ca/acceptance – there are more Bible story references, crafts and other object lessons, prayer ideas, etc if you want to go more in depth.   We are taking about a month on each trait – reading one of the 4 stories from the book each week, memorizing the verse and definition, and choosing some of the other stories and activities from the above mentioned website where applicable to extend it.  HTH!



    Jen, thanks for sharing that link!

    So far we have spent one week doing two stories over a couple of days.  I read the story, had my daughter tell it back to me, and then I photocopied the picture for my children to color (ages 4 and 6).  We are working toward memorizing the verse as well.

    Ourjourney-we usually just did a couple of stories a week. I have read from CM that it is better to give a little at a time so the children can digest the material better. If I am having a clear minded day, (ha!) I usually ask them to tell back what they remember from the previous story.

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