8th grade science…online?

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    Does anyone know of an online science course?  I work part time and am trying to see if there are a couple of course my daughter could do by computer.  Or I need to find CM style course already laid out for us.  She is not good at independent learning.


    I know there is a website that offers free, self paced classes for Apologia Science. Try googling it.

    Catie Frates is a homeschool scientist mom who lives near me and teaches online Apologia courses and a few other courses as well. She’s very passionate about science but her courses run a few hundred dollars a year-I think around $200.

    There’s also Landry Academy and I believe Apologia offers online classes as well.




    We have been pleased with online science courses offered by Landry Academy.


    Dr. Shorman (of Dive SaxonMath) has science classes online. The website is diveintomath dot com. I know nothing about them except that they exist.

    I will say that my daughter has done 3 math lessons (her first three of the new school year) with the Dive CD and  hasn’t complained about math yet.  ?

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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