7th Grade Reluctant Science Student

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    Hello! Just wondering if anyone could recommend a science program/curricula for my DD- age 12. She detests science. We studied biology last year… watched sows/gilts farrow, saw a (pig) C-section, dissected  fetal pig (amazing for my other children) but she was reluctant to really be part of it. She’s rather terrified of spiders and bugs. She hates Apologia science. Additionally, I’m a former upper grade private school teacher and I feel awkward leaving her upper grade science education to chance (although I can attest to how little students retain from school room “canned” curricula). She likes experiments (chemistry/physics) but has little interest in learning the “why” of things. She’s able to learn and memorize easily (LOVES math and is nearly finished with Algebra I) and reads and writes above grade level, but isn’t interested. As her mom/teacher, I want the safety net of having followed a “something” that tells me what she needs to know, but experience tells me forcing a series down her throat won’t work. Thanks so much for your ideas!!!


    Have you looked into Guest Hollow?  That sounds like what you are describing.

    We just started using Christian Kids Explore, and you basically fill in the lessons with library books.  Each week has a short lesson and experiment.  It would give you a “spine” to work around as well.


    Thanks for mentioning Guest Hollow.  I forgot about it,  and really like their plans.  I plan to use some of the high school ones in the future.


    Thank you! I’ve never heard of Guest Hollow and it seems like a great path to try! Thanks so much!

    Rachel White

    My dd didn’t get a thing from the Exploring Creation series, couldn’t  absorb anything; but she loves the John Hudson Tiner book series. She reads them because she wants to.


    She does a chapter a day and answers the questions on a separate piece of paper. She naturally narrates to me since that’s what we did throughout her elementary years.

    The order we’ve been going:

    Astronomy; The History of Medicine; Biology; Planet Earth; World of Mathematics; Chemistry; Physics

    She’d already gone through the living science books at Yesterday’s Classics (most, if not all, free at Baldwin Books and on audio at Librivox). As well as many from Ambleside Online and H.A. Rey books for the Stars and the Wonders of Creation series from Masterbooks. Take a look over there at both options for their science books and recommendations. They can easily be read alongside the Tiner books. I didn’t use any pre-prepared schedules.

    As for high school, I’m undecided, since Apologia won’t work for her (as it has for my son).


    I was going to suggest looking over Tiner books and also AO Y7 Science booklist.  I had my DD look at AO’s list for her 7th grade next year.  I wanted her to look it over and also, look at the sample for Apologia’s General science.  She chose to do living books over a text book.

Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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