6th Grade Math (SCM Math & Teaching Textbooks)

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    Good Afternoon Ladies,

    I am hoping I can get some helpful feedback.  We have 7 children, of which 5 are school age, 1 preschooler (turning 5 in July) and a 1 year old.  I am using SCM Math for all our children, but my oldest son (11) who is behind where he should be in Math, will soon be finishing the Elementary Arithmetic Book 2 and Book 3 will will not be out in time.  Besides the fact, I am doing one on one Math with 5 children, which takes a good bit of time for me.  We love SCM Math, but I am wondering if we should at least consider doing Teaching Textbooks once we finish Book 2.  Once Book 3 comes out, I would love to continue but I need a solution and hate the idea buying a bunch of books we won’t use long term.  I have friends who love Teaching Textbooks.  What would you mamas do???  Any feedback on TT?  I don’ t curriculum hop and I don’t want to start!  I do however need a solution!  Anyone know when Book 3 will be out btw?  I do often wonder as child 6 and 7 get older, how I will balance doing Math one on one with everyone.  My oldest has struggled with Math in the past but is on firm footing with SCM Math, which says a lot.  Thanks in advance!


    Genesiscurriculum .  com has “A Mind for Math” which is for teaching grades 1-4 math together. Each grade has their own level of workbook.

    Rays for Today is self-teaching at the higher levels.

    We are trying Shiller Math with Math Mammoth for my one who wants independent work.

    Rays for Today wasn’t enough variety for her. She is a tough case.

    The Good and the Beautiful Math is supposed to have videos for 3rd grade, but it isn’t published yet. My younger two will use The Good and the Beautiful Math.




    A couple thoughts.

    I LOVE Teaching Textbooks…love it.  But this time around I’m trying Life of Fred- a  totally different approach and LOVING it more.  So yes, I would recommend TT if that’s your type of approach….but if you want a different pace for awhile, LIFE of Fred, even for one year while you wait for theother would be a neat switch up.  If you don’t like LOF, then consider the mathemagic book of the old Childcraft Encyclopedia set.  It’s more of a fun with math, critical thinking approach that gives a fun approach but makes the kid think…and learn a lot about math concepts in the meantime.   Just some thoughts.  Best wishes.  We are doing a combination of Fred 3 x a week this year and one day of mathemagic for fun .


    I really LOVE SCM Math.  My only issue is that Book 3 won’t be out in time and I need something that can bridge the gap.  I already feel a bit stretched with 5 kids doing math one on one with mom so something new feels overwhelming and figuring something out from scratch in this busy season makes my head spin 🙂  Thank you for your feedback ladies.  I guess I need to give this some more thought!


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