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    Here’s a sale on Vision Forum for boy’s of about 12/14 and up of living adventure…


    …in all my writings I have always tried — how far successfully I know not — to advance the cause of Truth and Right and to induce my readers to put their trust in the love of God our Saviour, for this life as well as the life to come.” — R.M. Ballantyne, from Personal Reminiscences in Book-Making

    He was perhaps the most influential writer of boys’ literature of his generation. He was also a devout Christian of the Scottish Covenanter kind and the only outspoken advocate for Christian boyhood to have a monument paid for and dedicated in his honor by grateful children.

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    His name was R.M. Ballantyne, and he not only inspired a generation of writers to take up their pens in defense of the ideals of biblical manhood, but he changed the lives of hundreds of thousands of boys for the better with his globe-trekking adventure stories that emphasized Christian character in the face of adversity.

    In the twentieth century, many publishers declined to carry Ballantyne because of his strong biblical emphasis. Others hoped to capitalize on the past popularity of his books but required that Ballantyne’s overt Gospel Christianity be stricken from his storylines.

    R.M. Ballantyne was born into Edinburgh’s great 19th century publishing elite. His prodigious output of nearly a hundred adventure stories was the natural fruit of the rich Scottish legacy of unbridled courage, undaunted chivalry, literary excellence, Christian virtue, and global vision. I am so grateful that Vision Forum has once again made these rip-roaring tales available. May they inspire the next generation to do justice, love mercy, and walk humbly with the Lord. — Dr. George Grant

    The Ballantyne Christian Adventure Library

    Africa Arctic Regions North America South America Europe South Pacific

    One of Vision Forum’s primary missions is to equip families with tools to help them inspire boys and girls toward courageous manhood and noble womanhood. This means finding literature that challenges the cynicism of our modern age with transcendent biblical truths that give hope to our children. In the annals of nineteenth century Christian adventure literature, nothing fits that bill better than the writings of Robert Michael Ballantyne.

    Ballantyne was not just another writer of the Victorian age who penned exciting historic fiction. His strong and uncompromising Christian presuppositions undergird all his stories. He encouraged his readers to put their trust in God for this life and the next, and he taught in his stories that the one safeguard against evil is the redemptive love of God.

    This is why republishing the Ballantyne Christian Adventure Library fulfills a long-time dream for Vision Forum.

    We are soooo excited about the Vision Forum offering the new Ballantyne book series…I am sure my oldest son will have them all read by the end of this summer. — Mrs. C.

    The Ballantyne Christian Adventure Library now includes twenty exciting volumes. Our ten new titles just released are:

    Gascoyne, the Sandal Wood Trader

    The Dog Crusoe and His Master

    The Cannibal Islands

    The Pioneers

    The Island Queen


    The Lonely Island

    The Norsemen in the West

    Post Haste

    Fighting the Flames

    Ten New Titles Available, or Buy the Full Set — Save 50%!

    Normally, each smythe-sewn, hardback book in the Ballantyne Christian Adventure Library retails for $22. If you were to purchase each of these books individually, the total price would be $440. However, for one week only during this one-week special offer, Vision Forum is offering the entire twenty-volume set for $220, plus shipping. That’s just $11 apiece for these beautifully bound, substantial, hardback, collectible books.

    Also available are the ten titles just released this month, the Ballantyne Adventure Library – Set 2, available for a 35% savings, at a price of $143. Offers expire at midnight on Tuesday, May 20 (CDT), and is good only while supplies last.

    How He Became ‘Ballantyne the Brave’

    He earned his title from Robert Louis Stevenson, author of Kidnapped. But for Ballantyne, Stevenson might never have made his travels through the Pacific where, notably, he wrote his masterpiece Treasure Island. Reading Ballantyne’s The Coral Island at age fifteen sparked in Stevenson both his life-long love for the South Seas and a fierce devotion to his fellow Scot. Stevenson even included Ballantyne in the introduction to his book Treasure Island, where he dubbed this proponent of Gospel Christianity and boyhood adventure, “Ballantyne the Brave.” The title stuck.

    I want to thank you for bringing out some of R.M. Ballantyne’s novels…I had read The Coral Island several years ago and was excited to see more of Ballantyne’s works made available. I have already read The Gorilla Hunters and am on The Pirate City now. I will be looking forward to each set that you bring out and hope that process is swift! — William B.

    Visit the new website for Ballantyne the Brave!

    We encourage you to make “Ballantyne the Brave” your own family’s faithful friend and adventure guide, confident that the man who broke tens of thousands of boys’ hearts with his passing will inspire yours with his literary return. For those interested in learning more about the history and geography covered in this series, we highly recommend that you visit the new website for Ballantyne fans. You can also take part in the homeschool essay contest by visiting http://www.BallantynetheBrave.com. We know you’ll be hooked!

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