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    I am in the midst of planning and need some advice as to what to do / not do with my Language arts for my son. He will be in 4th grade next year . Currently we are using  Serl’s Primary Language Lessons  and he does not really enjoy it that much.   I am just wondering if I should push through , maybe this is a phase ? And also , wondering what our other options could be for language arts .

    I have briefly looked at Queens Language lessons and English lessons through Literature.  Is anyone currently using these ?  Any thoughts on them ? Pro’s / Cons ?

    Thanks ladies !!



    I used Intermediate Language Lessons with my now 7th grader, and it was a terrible fail.  Learning Language Arts Through Literature was not much better.

    This year I started using English Lessons Through Literature with my 3rd grader and it is a huge hit.  He listens to the literature selections on audio (they are all available on Librivox, and he loves audio books) and the lessons in the book are short – 10 to 15 minutes at the most.  He’s learned really a lot this year – I was just making notes in my head earlier this week – and it is at a gentle, leisurely pace.

    I am definitely continuing with it next year.  He will be using Level 3, and my 2nd and 1st grader I am going to combine on Level 1 next year.

    I also love that ELTL combines poetry, Aesop’s Fables, narration, picture study, and copywork in with the grammar.  It really is CM-style and the fact that it is all-in-one makes it so nice for a busy family.


    I’m pretty sure we’ll be using ELTL for the following year.  We used LLATL this past year and I liked the upper levels we used (orange and tan).  I debated whether or not to switch since I have liked it.  However, I’m really drawn to the fact that ELTL only has 3 lessons a week…5 lessons is difficult to do with 3 DC (and eventually there will be 2 more)!

    My DD didn’t care for PLL/ILL either.  She is a very reluctant writer…I’m just now getting her to write simple paragraphs for 7th grade!  She’s been using Wordsmith Apprentice this year and enjoyed it…or I should say she’s completed her assignments willingly.  😉  Looking at ELTL, I think she’ll enjoy the writing lessons there…or at least tolerate them.


    One of my children likes the Queen’s Language Arts books, but the others didn’t, especially the older children. The lessons are short, which is nice. The grammar was too easy for the older children.

    My 8th and 11th graders next year are trying Character Qualities Language Arts.  They are each customizing it to their needs(skipping parts).

    Language Arts for 4th grade doesn’t need to be too heavy.

    ELTL, has been a hit with us as will. My 14 yr old who struggles greatly with grammar, actually enjoys it now. He is doing level 4 and he reads the books that go with it. He just loves it!!! He told me he can ” see” the parts of speech with juicy books.  We have not done the writing aspect of it because he does Writing with Skill. However, he has asked to  the writing part of it as well.

    If you go to LULU, you can look at the samples and see if this is something that it might interest you.




    We have used Queen Language Lessons for grade 2 and it is gentle enough for that grade with some copywork, picture study and a little grammar.  My son did not really retain the grammar, but it was a little introduction to it.  We have settled on using Writing Tales 1 & 2 for grades 4 – 6.  They have a website, plus samples on Lulu.  Also Google for a Lulu discount code, maybe free shipping, if you buy anything from them.  And I bought used teachers guides in very good condition for half the price.


    Writing Tales uses older stories like Aesops Fables, James Baldwin stories, etc. to work on oral narration, copywork, grammar rules, games, and practice sheets, vocabulary & dictionary skills, written narration, and creative writing.  We spend two weeks with one story, four days per week.  Review of grammar is built in.  My son understands and enjoys playing Mad Libs after Writing Tales 1.  Lobel’ s Fables book is used as well.  While it is more Classical, we enjoy working with the selected stories and there are many CM elements as well.


    Jawjee that’s a great idea to use audio stories!! That was not even on my radar . You haven’t had any problems accessing everything you need through Librivox?

    Thanks ladies for your suggestions 🙂


    I also have a child entering fourth grade next year. I have followed the curriculum guide and am finishing English for the Thoughtful Child currently. I was planning to go with Junior Analytical Grammar next year because that’s what the curriculum guide says…& I don’t know of any others…so I would love to know if anyone has any input on Jr. Analytical Grammar?  By reading the above sounds like I need to at least look at ELTL. Thanks!

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