3 science courses? Books or ebooks?

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    Hi y’all!

    So we are doing Jay Wile’s “Science in the Beginning” with our co-op (required to be part of this amazing co-op).  However, I REALLY want to do Outdoor Secrets with my PreK and 2nd grader as well as Learning about Birds with my 4th and 6th graders.  Would that be crazy?  I’m sort of overwhelmed already with all that we have to do.  Plus my kids want our school day to be as short as possible!!  What would you do?

    Also, I REALLY don’t like ebooks.  I need the real thing.  I like to be able to bless someone later with the books or sell them.  I need to save money though and by the time I bought binders for everything… I don’t know, binders can get expensive!!  Everything is adding up though and getting expensive.  What do you suggest?

    Thank you!!


    It is so hard when there are so many great options!

    Personally I would just do the coop science and then maybe add Outdoor Secrets books as free reads because they are great books.

    I did Outdoor Secrets when my older two were in 1st and PreK and we really enjoyed it a lot! I found all the books used most for only a few dollars, but some were out of print and more but worth it. When my youngest was getting to the kinder/1st grade point I wanted to do it again, but we had already settled into a good routine and rythem with Apologia Elementary Science for the older ones so I let Outdoor Secrets go. It was hard, I really liked it but I wanted to keep lessons short and do fewer things well instead of multiple things stressed out. It was a good year!

    Another option is to do the bird book over the course of a few summers, do a lesson or two a week through the summer to encourage year round nature study. You could also look at the book list for both SCM science guides and create a free read list from the library and pick up those books and read for pleasure. The SCM guides are so reasonably priced you could even get the guide to help guide conversations after reading the books, but not do the full curriculum, just read those books for pleasure.


    We really enjoyed Outdoor Secrets and bought most of our books used online.  Check a larger online store like Thriftbooks.  Maybe you could use a mix of real books and ebooks.  I prefer printed, but sometime I use ebooks due to cost.  You could easily do Outdoor Secrets once a week for your nature study time.  Save the bird study for another year.


    Great ideas ladies!!  Also reminded me that I think I have at least 1/2 or more of the books for Outdoor Secrets upstairs from years ago.  Thank you!!

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