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    Hi all, I purchase 106 days and as i am reading through the book i can’t seem to find the “not by chance” pages in the book. Can someone direct me please. how do you schedule this along with Outdoor Secrets? I also have Considering God’s Creation, which one would you suggest for a dd6, dd9.


    If I remember right, the Not By Chance pages are taken from the Considering God’s Creation book. 106 Days schedules out the pages from CGC for you to do during various lessons and should give you page numbers to reference. 

    I wouldn’t do both 106 Days and Outdoor Secrets at the same time. Did you get the Outdoor Secrets Companion? That will schedule the stories of OS, along with other great living books and can be a stand alone curriculum.  I would do one first and then the other. I don’t think it really matters which one first. They’re both great! 


    Yes, that refers to using the Considering God’s creation curriculum in parts along with it.  I will say that if you are only using it with younger children it is doable without that curriculum.  I used it some but didn’t love it.  I do love other things about 106 Days.  Read the library books, create the notebook.  Possibly let them come up with their own pages instead of copying the ones from Considering.

    Also, I would not do outdoor secrets at the same time. I love it too. I think doing OS during the summer would be wonderful and do 106 during the year.


    We started 106 Days last year, but didn’t finish it.  We’ll be continuing it again this year.  I like to use CGC along with 106 days.  We follow the 106 Days lesson plans, but I read a small portion of the CGC teacher’s guide lesson and sometimes we add in an extra experiment or one of the upper level suggestions (my 12yo did a few of these).  

    The “not by chance” pages should be at the beginning of the CGC PDF notebook pages.  These are downloaded from the Eagle’s Wings Ed website.  Your 9yo should be able to do these and your 6yo could with some help (if she likes cut and paste projects).  My DD was 6 last year and enjoyed them.  

    For the Outdoor Secrets, I was thinking of adding a lesson from here each week to go with our nature study.  I just purchased Natural Science Through the Seasons so I’m not sure what we’ll be using.  We’ll be using one of these on our nature walk day.  We’ll read the book during our normal science time and take our walk in the afternoon.

    jill smith

    Thanks Holly! I will need to purchase the student book then. i only have the teachers edition. I love the stories in the Outdoor secrets.

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