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  • Julie Cunningham

    Hello Ladies,

    I was perusing the forum and found some people who have used the 101 dvd series. I have purchased this for my kids and now am seeing mixed reviews. HSLDA recommends it, SCM does not;) I also have their Body of Evidence DVDs. If you ahve used it, did you use it alone or with other books? My oldest is not likely to be in a science heavy career…teacher or something like that…so would this work to get the credit. What did you like about it/not like? We just moved so I have not looked at it much. I am not interested in Apologia right now for whatever reason I have never been drawn to that line of science curriculum, so I am going with my instinct right now.

    Thank you for the advice, I look forward to what you ladies have to say!


    I have not used the 101 DVDs, but my middle daughter used Body of Evidence for anatomy. She watched the videos, filled out the workbook, and we did several dissections. She also used a secular textbook just for reading more about each topic. She really liked it and was engaged by most of the topics. She had used Apologia for general and physical science, Science Shepherd for biology, and this was a good change. She, too, didn’t want to go back to Apologia, hence the Science Shepherd detour, which was taught to her by a friend who is a biologist.


    I am planning to use the 101 series later as a supplement.

    Highschool Biology in the Home from is my plan, using living books, Apologia,  encyclopedias,  and Internet research.

    They have chemistry and physical science too.

    For physics I will use Physics 101 and



    Karen Smith

    I suggest that you watch some of the video lessons and read through the accreditation booklets for the 101 series and decide for yourself if what is being done for credit is what you consider high school level work. Compare what is being taught and how it is being taught to a more traditional course. That will give you a standard for judging if it is high school level or not.

    Little Women

    My kids love these dvds, but they started watching them in elementary school.   They are nowhere near the typical level of high school work.   They have plenty of content for junior high science, and are very enjoyable so they are a great addition or intro for older kids.   They would also be good for remedial science for kids who struggle with science.

    The DVD booklet suggests adding additional reading on each topic, which would help bring it up if needed

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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