Planning Your Charlotte Mason Education Links and Tips

The Bonus Features below are related to our book Planning Your Charlotte Mason Education.

Be sure to check back here from time to time. We will be adding new and updated resources related to the book as we get them.

Downloadable Charts

We are happy to provide this downloadable set of charts used in Planning Your Charlotte Mason Education to those who have purchased the full version of the book. You can print additional blank charts or fill in the charts on your computer to save or print.

Be sure to see the Planning Your Charlotte Mason Education book to learn how to use these charts most efficiently. The book gives you lots of tips, step-by-step instructions, sample schedules, ideas for homeschooling with preschoolers in the mix, and other practical suggestions.

The Big Picture

  • Our SCM Curriculum Guide is one example of a Big Picture chart. It has a few more details filled in than just X’s, but it will give you a quick overview of our 12-year plan. Click on any subject name to see specific suggestions.
  • Check with Home School Legal Defense Association for information about legal requirements in your state or province.


  • Our CM Bookfinder features thousands Charlotte Mason-style books and resources. You can search them by school subject, grade level, topic, and more.

CM Organizer

Our innovative CM-style online planner, the CM Organizer, works with any book list and flexes with real life. Take a look at how it can save you a lot of time and help you stay organized day by day.


Our Early Years Guide contains gentle suggestions for what you can do during preschool years in a CM style.