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At last, a simple yet powerful online planner designed especially for those using the Charlotte Mason method! It’s about time—saving you time.

CM Organizer at a Glance

  • Resource Scheduler—Schedule the books you want to use with the click of a button.
  • Add Your Own—Add any activities or resources you like.
  • Daily Plan—Move at your own pace and track your progress simply.
  • Reports—View automatic records of your work.
  • Use with any book list! Start any time!
  • Just $9.95 per month or $99 per year.

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What Makes the CM Organizer Different

  • CM Specific—The CM Organizer is designed specifically for CMers—that means CM-style books (no twaddle), CM school subjects (including poetry and Shakespeare), CM methods (like narration, picture study, nature study), and CM philosophy (no grading required).
  • Easy to Use—Believe us, you’ll be amazed at how simple it is!
  • Quick—We’ve already loaded thousands of living books into the CM Bookfinder so you don’t have to spend hours entering data. Of course, you can add a resource if you don’t see it already in the CM Bookfinder.
  • Comprehensive—You can quickly and easily add outside activities, like piano lessons or field trips, to keep your records complete.
  • Flexible—The CM Organizer flexes with real life. Assignments are not tied to due dates so they don’t require rescheduling when your plans change.
  • Pace Friendly—The CM Organizer will track the days that your child works on an assignment, as well as when he finishes it, at his own pace.
  • Convenient—The CM Organizer is available any time on any computer that can access the Web. You don’t have to install any software or worry about compatibility. Plus, everyone gets to use upgrades the minute they’re released. (See our article 5 Reasons the CM Organizer Is an Online Service)
  • Secure—Only you can see your password-protected records. And you don’t have to worry about losing your data because you got a virus on your PC; we back up all your information for you. (See our article Are my school records safe in the CM Organizer?)

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Take a Video Tour

CM Organizer Overview

We’ll start with a big picture overview of how the CM Organizer works, then cover specific features in separate videos.

Resource Scheduler

The Resource Scheduler is used to select books or other resources and assign them to your students. It’s that easy! This video shows you how this part of the CM Organizer works.

Daily Plan

Track your progress at your own pace in the Daily Plan section of the CM Organizer. See how in this video.

CM Organizer Reports

This walkthrough of the reports feature will show you how to quickly create comprehensive reports of all your students’ work.

(Trouble viewing the videos? Try our CM Organizer channel on YouTube.)

Try the CM Organizer Yourself

We encourage you to give the Organizer a try for yourself and see how it can save you time and help you stay organized in your CM homeschool. Start your free basic account today!

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