E-book Resale Policy

We at Simply Charlotte Mason want to treat you as we would want to be treated. That means we start off by trusting you rather than acting as if you were a criminal. That also means that we choose to relax some of our rights under copyright law to grant you more freedoms.

For example, you have our permission to make as many copies of our materials as you need for use within your own immediate household. And you have our permission to even resell an e-book, as long as you follow a few common sense guidelines.

We believe that you’ll do the right thing, both because it is the right thing, and knowing that doing so allows us to keep creating products you love at reasonable prices.

Here are some simple guidelines to follow if you resell one of our e-books:

  1. You must not keep any copies for yourself. Delete backup copies and copies on e-book reading devices, etc.
  2. Printed copies must be destroyed and cannot be kept, sold, or given to others. If you have saved any pages with your child’s work for school records then you are keeping a copy and cannot resell the e-book.
  3. Since you can log into your account at Simply Charlotte Mason and re-download any of your e-books, there is a copy there that needs to be taken care of as well. After the sale, please use our handy form to notify us that you have sold the book so we can remove that book from your account. We’ll even take care of transferring the book to the new owner.
  4. Often when someone posts a “used” SCM e-book for sale, we get contacted by a few concerned people letting us know. We are so blessed to have customers who care and watch out for us! Please post the below statement on your for sale listing so everyone understands that you have our permission.

I certify that I am following Simply Charlotte Mason’s guidelines at https://simplycm.com/ebooksell/ for reselling an e-book. I will destroy all printed and electronic copies after the sale and contact SCM to transfer the e-book to you.

Please get in touch with us if you have any questions.