Encouraging messages

I have to smile when I recall three texts I received last week.

The first message was from a dear friend who is providing CM-inspired Little House camps this summer. She sent me some sweet photos of the children copying the Charlotte Mason motto and displaying their handicrafts with big smiles.

The second message came from a friend who had found a book that she thought would interest me. She was right! So she graciously offered to grab a copy for me and send it along.

The third was a timely Thank You from a convention attendee who just wanted to let me know how much SCM has helped her.

Such encouraging messages!

Encouragement is a precious gift. Sometimes that gift can keep us going when times get tough; sometimes it can gently nudge us back on track when we’ve gotten distracted; sometimes it can simply lift our spirits and remind us that what we’re doing is worthwhile.

One of our main goals at SCM is to offer encouragement. It’s vital that we homeschooling moms stay encouraged! Here are three tidbits that we hope will do just that.

Homeschool Leadercast Interview with Sonya Shafer

Whether you are finishing up schoolwork, still working through the summer, or making plans for next year, it’s always helpful to be reminded to teach the child, not just the curriculum. This interview with Sonya over at Homeschool Leadercast will encourage you along those lines.

Support for Delaying Formal Grammar Lessons

Are you feeling pressure to teach your young ones grammar lessons? Charlotte Mason told teachers to delay formal grammar instruction until the student was at least 10 years old; but sometimes it might feel like you’re the only one who is following that philosophy. You’re not alone! The ladies over at Analytical Grammar also support delaying formal grammar instruction, just as Charlotte did. Read their thoughts in this short post from a recent newsletter they sent out.

Encourage: to inspire with courage, spirit, or hope; to hearten.

May it be so!