Sonya Shafer speaking at a Charlotte Mason homeschool conference

One of the things I love about the Charlotte Mason Method is that I get to keep learning—as an adult!

Just this past year I’ve been challenged by Joseph Haydn’s daily creativity, encouraged by Oliver Wendell Holmes’s contentment at home, and stirred by Jan Vermeer’s attention to quality and detail.

But in addition to partaking of the feast that is spread for students, I also get to keep learning about Charlotte’s brilliant methods and philosophy of teaching. I’m so grateful for the opportunity to study her writings for myself and to glean from other CMers along the way.

“The wise ever find some new thing to learn” (Vol. 2, p. 9).

And that is what the SCM Encouragement Conferences are all about: learning more about the methods that can transform your home school and connecting with other CMers whose friendship can refresh your heart.

This fall we have been invited to present three SCM Encouragement Conferences. Each one features a different mix of topics and sessions, customized by the group who is hosting it. You are welcome to attend one, two, or all three—whichever will encourage you most as you keep learning the Charlotte Mason way!

The main thing is to keep learning, whether it’s through reading Charlotte’s writings, attending an SCM Conference, or hosting a video event. Make sure your students aren’t the only ones learning something new this fall!