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Charlotte Mason homeschooling subject by subject: basic principles

Three Basic CM Principles: Subject by Subject, Part 2

When I was taking piano lessons, my teacher started with some basic, foundational points: keep your fingers curved; sit tall on the bench with both feet on the floor; listen to your playing. No matter what piece I was working on—from Row, Row, Row Your Boat to Beethoven’s Pathetique Sonata—those principles remained constant. (more…)

Charlotte Mason Homeschooling Subject by Subject

A Generous Curriculum: Subject By Subject, Part 1

As mothers we know that children grow best on generous portions. Meagre meals can stunt a child’s physical growth, but a generous diet of food gives that growing body lots of nutrients to draw from. It’s the same emotionally; child need a generous supply of pure love to grow secure and happy and loving, themselves. […]

6 Reasons I Love the Charlotte Mason Method—reason  6

Reason 6: It Fosters a Lifelong Love of Learning (6 Reasons I Love the Charlotte Mason Method)

Some friends of ours are getting married this summer. As I’ve watched their relationships with their spouses-to-be grow, it struck me how silly it would be if one of them would say, “Okay, I now know my fiancé’s telephone number, favorite food and color, height, weight, and birthday. Whew! I’m so glad that’s over with […]

6 Reasons I Love the Charlotte Mason Method—reason 5

Reason 5: Good Habits Smooth the Way (6 Reasons I Love the Charlotte Mason Method)

It’s amazing how much our daily lives are shaped by our habits: getting up, getting ourselves ready, what clothes we put on, getting our children ready, taking care of pets, where we sit at the table, how we talk to our spouses, how closely we listen to our children. (more…)

6 Reasons I Love the Charlotte Mason Method—reason 4

Reason 4: The Student Makes Connections (6 Reasons I Love the Charlotte Mason Method)

When I first heard about the Charlotte Mason Method, we had already been homeschooling for a year. That was my oldest’s kindergarten year, and we had been doing a unit study approach. During that year I had discovered that unit studies were not a good fit for us. (more…)

Reading by the fireplace

A Slow-Language Movement

It seems there is a movement afoot that encourages people to slow down in order to prepare and eat real food in delicious ways, to enjoy the process as well as the health benefits. It’s called the slow-food movement because it acknowledges the fact that such healthy eating usually requires more time than grabbing processed […]

A Growing Time Calendar Journal

A Calendar and a Reminder That Children Are Not Carrots

First, the calendar. Each year SCM publishes a specially-themed calendar in two versions: a school-year version (July through June) and a calendar-year version (January through December). We’re happy to announce that the 2014 Calendar Journal, A Growing Time, calendar-year version, is now ready! This calendar journal is now out of print. This handy calendar will […]

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