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Posts and comments about Charlotte’s philosophy of education as an atmosphere, a discipline, a life.

Homeschool Education Knowledge Growth

How to Dish Up Knowledge

Children need food to grow. Nutritionists tell us that the best way to feed our children for physical growth is to regularly provide good portions of a variety of healthful foods several times a day. Charlotte Mason believed that the…

Read a Worthy Book

6 Tools for Self-Education, Part 1

It struck me the other day how much time and effort we homeschooling parents put into teaching. We spend hours discussing strategies, learning techniques, and evaluating materials, striving to improve our presentations as teachers. All of that is good. We…

SCM Answers Your Questions videos

More Video Q & A

Thousands of you have enjoyed our free video resource, SCM Answers Your Questions. We’re glad those short, informal recordings have been encouraging. And we thought it might be helpful to add some more videos to the series, answering more of…

Answering your child's questions when you don't know the answer.

It’s OK to Say I Don’t Know

“Why do the leaves fall?” My mind raced as her little face turned toward me with that so-familiar quizzical expression. OK. Science. Think! You learned this, didn’t you? Elementary school. Come on, come on, she’s waiting. Say something. Say anything,…

Girl with Books

The Book List Quiz

Choosing the books for your Charlotte Mason home school is an important task. Put any two CMers in a room for any length of time and chances are good that they will be talking books. “What do you think about…

Living ideas

The Power of an Idea

Last week we talked a bit about how living ideas feed the mind. You will hear that phrase “living ideas” often in a Charlotte Mason approach to learning. Sometimes it’s hard to grasp the concept of a living idea as…