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Posts and comments about Charlotte’s philosophy of education as an atmosphere, a discipline, a life.

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3 Ways to Sabotage Lifelong Learners

We talked last time about how learning is a continuous process. It’s something that should happen your whole life. And if you use six Charlotte Mason methods, you can educate yourself on many, many things without depending on a teacher…

Charlotte Mason for Adult Education

Charlotte Mason for Grown-Ups

What’s your dream? Chances are if you have a dream, you will need to learn some things to get you there. Brittney has a dream to give her children a rich and enjoyable home education that will launch them into…

Charlotte Mason Wide Curriculum Variety Homeschool

How Large Is Your Student’s Room?

We’re not talking about blueprints and square footage today. Rather, the question, How large is your student’s room?, refers to a powerful passage that Charlotte Mason wrote in School Education. It’s not about architecture; it’s about curriculum. Let me explain.…

Homeschool Education Knowledge Growth

How to Dish Up Knowledge

Children need food to grow. Nutritionists tell us that the best way to feed our children for physical growth is to regularly provide good portions of a variety of healthful foods several times a day. Charlotte Mason believed that the…

Read a Worthy Book

6 Tools for Self-Education, Part 1

It struck me the other day how much time and effort we homeschooling parents put into teaching. We spend hours discussing strategies, learning techniques, and evaluating materials, striving to improve our presentations as teachers. All of that is good. We…