Comments on the Scripture Memory System

Read what other moms are saying about this simple Scripture Memory System.

  • “I am so excited by the Scripture Memory System! What an easy way to keep track and consistently review God’s Word!”
  • “I have been wanting to memorize Scripture with the kids, and yet kept failing and giving up due to a lack of confidence . . . Well after your talk the other night, I knew God was speaking to me and that this can work for me and our family.”
  • “We made our box the other day and started today!! What a blessing it was to hear all of us together speaking God’s Word!!”
  • “I made our memory box this morning. The kids have been working on memorizing a catechism so I put the questions with their answers and proof texts, one per card, and distributed the ones we have already been working on throughout the daily, odd, even, and days of the week.”
  • “I put my scripture memory box together yesterday and am so excited about starting it with my family. Last night as I was writing the verses we already know on the cards, I also added a couple of hymns that we’ve been learning as a family. I just wrote the name of the hymn at the top, but didn’t copy the whole hymn. This will be a wonderful way to make sure we practice these also!!!! Thanks again for such a wonderful idea!”

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