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  • I would be one of those moms who don’t care to teach science. BUT I do want my son to learn! The funny thing is that I enjoyed learning science in school and loved studying pharmacology, anatomy, etc in college. I just don’t like teaching it at this point in my life with 4 kids at different ages. It’s hard, and I need a program they can be independently done for the most part.

    I did see on another post a recommended DVD series called Biology 101. That looks interesting for the whole family. I wish I could see a preview.


    DD used Gen science in 6th grade and she really liked it. Then we tried physical science for 7th and that was not a hit. She used apologia biology this year in 8th and likes it also.


    In case anyone is interested, I did find several lesson plans for all of the Apologia sciences at Donna Young’s site, for free, like Bookworm mentioned. I planned to purchase the other one I found but printed hers instead to try out using some type of lesson plan for my ds who is using the Gen. Science. She doesn’t have one for the elementary books but has a printable TOC with experiment supplies needed (on the same page) and I plan to use that to help me better plan for my ds who is using Swimming….

    I realize not everyone needs a lesson plan to get through this text (as much as I like it) but, like I said before, I feel I need something that says how many pages to read, etc., so my dc can be more independent.

    I’m with you my3boys. If it’s a challenging subject for me to teach, so I need guidance to pull me through. I’ll check into donna’s site and see about lessons. I was using her site just the other day for my school planning calendar.


    I have to admit to not using her site enough for calendars/lab reports, etc. I printed out 2 lab report pages so my oldest has them ready (he chose the one that best fit him), the lesson plans for Gen. Science (there’s 2 to choose from) for the next 6 modules, I think, and the TOC for Swimming. That one has check mark boxes and space for me to add pages to read and the supply list for experiments.

    Looking at her idea, I suppose I could’ve done all of this myself, but sometimes I don’t even realize I needed to do something to have a better plan. I just couldn’t visualize *how* to do it, but I get it now, well, sort of, LOL.

    At least it’s free to try it out and see if it helps. The other would’ve cost me and I don’t really want to spend the money if I don’t have to. Yeah!!


    My daughter is working through General Science and really enjoying it. She wasn’t really a science student before but this is working for her. She is definitely a reader. She liked module 1 because she said it was like history and she likes history. It was definitely long but she did well.

    We plan to stick with the sequence from Aplogia.


    We used it with my daughter, starting in 7th grade.  We used Donna Young’s schedule and went along with her recommendations for Module 1 and one other (sorry can’t remember which one) spreading those over 3 weeks.  With our breaks that year and life, we ended up doing it over a year and a half.  So we started the next one, Physical Science, in Jan of her 8th grade year.

    She liked it, never complained. She is my very bright child.

    We are getting ready to start it with my son in Aug. and I am doing some things differently.  Tweaking it for him.  I bought the lapbook from Currclick and will be using these pages, more notebook like then lapbook.  We will also be joining with 6 other families and doing the experiments together.  I am hoping this helps this particular child to retain the info and enjoy this book. The book alone would not be a hit with him.  





    We used Gen. Science this year for 8th grade.  I read the material aloud and we did the On Your Own and Study Guide questions orally.  We did not use the tests.  DD kept a notebook of vocab words and descriptions/diagrams of the experiments.  She is not a science person nor a strong reader, but she did agree that she learned a lot this year and is willing to do Apologia’s Physical Science next year. 

    This is encouraging. I did order the General Science at a good price and going full swing with it. I’m praying it will be a blessing and that it works well for my son.

    Thanks to you all! I’m sure I will have more questions as I go along. 🙂

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