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    When my kids aren’t SO little I plan on garage “sailing” all summer for really cheap and well maintained children’s clothes and maternity  clothes.  We have GREAT garage sales in our area, not all of them offer very cheap clothes, but some do – 50 cents or a dollar per item.  I’ll put together matching outfits and sell them at Children’s consignment sales twice a year – it’s $12 to list your clothes and then YOU price them at whatever you like and you get 70-75% depending on if you volunteer or not.  The clothes sell for $4 or $5 an item – more for an outfit, especially name brand.  The other option would be to put together “lots” of clothing in one size and sell them on ebay.  Very cute lots of clothing (maternity are SUPER popular!) with EXCELLENT pictures sell for great prices.  Draw backs are you have to “invest” some money and keep these things stored somewhere.  I would freshly launder and if possible iron everything as it brings the price up when they look crisp – this would be a great idea for a young girl to do, as with a minimum investment $50? she could make a nice little profit. 

    Obviously this may not be a sole source of income, but a little extra that could help add some dollars to the bottom line.

    I have been a single parent homeschooler for 10 years.  For myself, I have found that in reality it is easier to work outside the home than to work from home.  During my years as a single, I have worked cleaning houses and offices, done secretarial and accounting work, and completed my college degree.  I currently work outside the home 3 days/wk and my teens do their lessons at my mom’s house with her on those days.  Praise God for my mom, I never could have made it all these years without her!

    I have talked with some single moms who do editorial work from home, provide child care, or do private tutoring.  One mom I know of was able to teach other homeschooled high school students in her home and made a small income from this, combined with a cottage industry.  (State laws vary on getting paid to teach other homeschoolers, so be careful).

    I would encourage single moms that homeschooling can be done!



    My husband has requested that I help by earning some income. In the past I have done daycare, but have come to strongly dislike that so I am just getting started in selling used books on Amazon. I am very excited about how flexible it is, I can do it all with the kids, and it looks like it is going to be very profitable, too. I would love to help anyone interested, just PM me.


    I have sold books on Ebay for extra money.  It’s not a huge profit due to fees they charge, but it does help offset the cost of our book purchases.  


    JennKS…why did you choose Amazon over Ebay?  Are the fees less?  


    Blessings, Melissa

    I would be interested in why Amazon and not ebay… Jenn KS. Has anyone recently graduated a student who is having a hard time finding a job, or who has made the choice to stay home and help and do part time work or at home work? The economy is worse than when I wrote last year – and it is a concern. Linda


    Melissa and Linda,

    I’ve gotten a few questions about this, so I’m going to start another post on this topic.



    A friend of mine recently started working as a ‘mystery shopper.’ She cautioned me when I asked her how it worked not to trust or sign up with any sight that requires you to pay any fees to work for them. Those are scams. But she sent me a link listing many reputable companies that provide this service for retail businesses. She said she had to submit an application and writing samples and was hired – in other words she considers it a real job. I can post the link she sent me if anyone is interested.

    Another work at home suggestion I’ve seen is online tutoring. I have not looked into it yet, myself. But thought I’d throw these out there since I hadn’t seen them mentioned. I’ll be logging in again later this evening, and if I see that anyone wants the link from my ‘mystery shopping’ friend, I’ll be sure and post that. 🙂



    I know this is an old post to renew, but I’d love to hear input on the idea of tutoring.  A neighbor and I were talking today about long time dreams we have had about using our farms (in the country of course) to host day or week camps for underpriveleged children.  Has anyone done this?  How could CM methods be used to have reading or art classes during the week?  What other kinds of projects could we do (for example, nature studies)? 

    Also, does anyone use the CM methods for regular tutoring, and if so how does that work?  Please share and and all ideas!  This method is too good to keep to ourselves 🙂


    You would have to be very carefull about day camps as most provinces and states have regulations about such things similar to day cares.  You would likely need some kind of license.  It’s a good idea, though, if you can get through the red tape.


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