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    Well done! Thank you so much for your endlessly helpful work.

    Blessings to all of you,


    Katrina in AK

    Very nice. I do like both….the chart for the at a glance organization. But I also really like how the lists make things all go together.

    I am convinced the SCM team never sleeps! 😉 Thank you for your seemingly unending energy and helpfulness.


    At first I was like, “wait a minute” – then I clicked on them and thought “Wow. Just wow”.

    Love how nice this layout is for really making planning a CM education so doable. Love the enrichment plans. What a great way to help people see how easy it can be to spread the feast. 

    Thank you for making it easier to print, LOL!

    Thanks for all your hard work! 


    I noticed the new one last night and I was SO excited!!!  I LOVE it!!!!! 


    WOW!!  Thank you so much for this!  I always enjoyed the old curriculum guide, but this new one is superb.  To me, it seems less intimidating and I LOVE the easy-to-read sample schedule.

    SCM is the best!Smile


    And did everyone see the “Plans for My Year” free download??  Something so simple, yet it makes it so easy to see everything you want to plan for the coming school year…love it!


    To quote Charlie Brown, “AAUGH!” Okay, I’m breathing in a paper bag…..must….not….hyperventilate!

    Some people are just so inflexible, don’t you think? We just can’t stand change…..

    Oh, I see the line at the bottom of the page that says, Note: You can still refer to the old SCM Curriculum Guide charts if you want to. I feel better now.

    LOL, I actually do like the prettier, newer version of the guide.


    Funny, Sue. I am not one that likes abrupt change…thanks for the link to the old chart.

    Great job, SCM. I will love the new organization in about a week. 😉


    How cool! I do like the old one too so I’m glad you left that up, but I think I’m really going to like the new set-up. I LOVE the *Plans for My Year* worksheet. I’m not sure if that is new, but it’s new to me and will prove very helpful I’m quite sure. Thank you for all you SCM team!


    Yes, I love the yearly planning PDF, too! I’m one of the TOC paper planners and this will be quite handy on the outset of each year!

    Thank you so much for all you do to help so many of us on our family learning journeys with Charlotte Mason. I have been so informed and encouraged by your work as I prepare for a very new school year!

    Quick question … the old and the new style curriculum guide have different personal development suggestions … The modules vs. laying down the rails … how would you describe the differences?

    Sonya Shafer

    Thanks, everyone, for the encouragement! We’re thrilled that the new Curriculum Guide will be even more helpful. 

    @MelissaB, yes, the Plans for My Year sheet is new. Glad you all like it.

    @Sue, I’m glad you found the link to the old charts before it was too late. Wink 

    @rosannageisler, as you pointed out, the new Guide has some changes on it that reflect newer resources. One example, is that the old charts for Modules 1-3 still have the Oxford book listed. So all of you who like the chart format, please keep in mind that any updates will be made to the newer version; the old charts will remain as they are.

    The Personal Development section is another example of a change. The old chart reflects the resources that were available to us when our children were young. Some of them have gone out of print. Others are still in print, but I think that the collection of stories and poems and Scripture passages and all in Laying Down the Rails for Children is a more well-rounded and timeless collection. The other resources’ stories are fine, but all of them had some “down sides.” For example, Child’s Book of Character Building has many stories about school, which don’t really apply to our children, and some of the Miller stories are specific to Mennonite convictions. They are still good resources, but I think LDTRC is better. So the new Curr Guide reflects those updated recommendations. Does that make sense? 

    Definitely makes sense! Thank you for taking the time to explain it to a newbie ;0) I appreciate it!


    Looks wonderful and easy to use! You guys are such a blessing:)


    I noticed that Grade 12 math suggestions include the following:

    Math: (elective) Family bookkeeper OR Math-U-See Calculus (Pre-Calculus is prerequisite)

    Is Family bookkeeper a position within the family, or a math program?

    Just curious,


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