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    We just finished Caddie Woodlawn, all my dc loved it. We are on to Understood Betsy (first ch. is a bit to get through, but now they’re interested). I told them that it was kind of funny (first mistake, my oldest was still wondering when it was going to get funny) and that I really liked it….it’s coming along.

    It was a toss up between The Singing Tree or Red Sails to Capri, we’re going with The Singing Tree (my oldest chose) to read on opposite days of Understood Betsy, but we haven’t started it yet. So, we’ll see.

    I absolutely love to read aloud to my kids. They have come such a long way in their ability to pay close attention, narrate, and know that this time is set aside for us to experience something *together*. We are home all day with each other, but that time is special…can’t quite explain it, and I hope we never stop that habit as a family.

    What a blessing!

    We’re finishing up Understood Betsy too. My 10 yo loved it, my 7 yo says its ok, lol. I thought it was fantastic – something I will probably read again for myself. We are also halfway through Charlotte’s Web. I keep getting distracted from this since its supposed to be one of our afternoon things to do – I have the hardest time with the afternoon schedule (sigh). Its fun to see what everyone else is reading with their kiddos!


    My only wish is that I could read faster and still enjoy each book. There are so many great books that we want to get to! Right now I am reading Prince Caspian as our read aloud. We love Narnia. My oldest dd I are reading the Secret Garden together (LOVE!). Next I think we will go with Understood Betsy or Hiedi. I keep shying away from Peter Pan. However, my children have loved some books that most don’t, so maybe I’ll try it. I also want to read The Winnie the Pooh books to my son, those were some of my favorites with my girls. Ahhh, too many choices not enough time in the day! By the way, we enjoyed Black Beauty also:).


    @ my3boys: The Singing Tree is scheduled for module 6. We plan to read it then. I saw that it is a sequel to The Good Master. Have you read this first one? If so, is it any good?

    How many literature books do you have going at one time in addition to any history or other school books? How do you schedule them all in?

    coralloyd has a good point that there are so many good books that I’m not sure we’ll have time to get to them all. So I am using audiobooks in the van or at choretime. I downloaded many of them from Librivox for free. Here is an AO listing:

    We are in the middle of John Audubon: Young Naturalist. It is part of the Young Patriot series, originally published in 1943 in the Childhood of Famous Americans series. It is by Miriam E. Mason.

    Anyways, the reading a few nights ago was about a “ghost” in the old mill tower. It was spooky, but not scary and my kids loved it, especially what the “ghost” turned out to be. It is very descriptive of birds and his life. It goes along with our picture study on Audubon, science study on birds, and history on module 5.


    We are making our way through all the Little House Books. We will start The Long Winter soon. At first my oldest son wasn’t thrilled but yesterday he asked when we were going to start the next. We all liked Black Beauty, Trumpet of the Swan and Mr. Poppers Penguins. But the most favorite even for my three year old was Wind in the Willows.

    We listened to Peter Pan on audio but it was not a favorite.

    We have many on our list, some of which are, Pollyanna, Hiedi, Red Sails to Capri, and the Narnia series.

    I will have to check out some of the above mentioned books as well. Great thread!

    I finally found downtime to read out loud after I’ve finished eating lunch and kids are not done yet. So I read a chapter or two then, on most days.


    @sarah, no, we didn’t read The Good Master…we’re reading it because it is scheduled in mod. 6 and my ds couldn’t get to all of his books. I chose read one from the 4-6 and one from the 7-9 as read alouds that I knew my dc wouldn’t get individually. So far (first ch.), The Singing Tree is great!


    We’re starting Alice in Wonderland for our homeschool book club.

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