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  • Ok, I’m NOT switching our first year with Apologia, yet. I’ve already bought and plan to implement in a couple of weeks for my son. BUT I am loving the reviews of Noeo. It seems so CM, yet strongly teaching scientific method at the same time. Am I right about that?

    So I am wondering why SCM doesn’t have Noeo listed on their guide. Is Apologia better? I strongly follow what SCM recommends, and I trust that Apologia will be sufficient of course. But I still think I may try Noeo after this year is finished.

    Thoughts welcome!

    Here’s a link to a review



    Are you talking the high school level courses or the elementary level courses?

    Interested in both. Not sure if Noeo is quite enough for high school level from what I’m reading though. I really like how it seems formatted.


    We’re using Noeo Bio II this coming fall. I’ll have to let you know after we’ve started with it, but I’ve already and the books and the schedule both look excellent. I love how the experiments are built in – that’s very important for me, otherwise they wouldn’t get done. It’s going to be a fun year for science around here!


    I have concerns about the  high school level, too.  I have never tried this, have looked several times, but have always been stunned into speechlessness by the expense.  That is an AMAZING amount of money to pay for an elementary science program.  I don’t spend THAT much on an ENTIRE CHILD for a year in the elemenary years.  Were I to be doing a guide, I’d probably not recommend it for that alone. 


    I bought NOEO for my dd when she was in 1st grade. It wasn’t for us. There were too many Usborne type books for my liking and the experiments weren’t great in my opinion. We ditched it, keeping a few of the better books. It was a BIG expense and not worth it for our family. This was our experience 4 years ago. 


    Thanks for the info everyone! I’m glad to go forth with Apologia for now. Noeo might be a good option for my younger daughters who love to draw and read. My son is approaching high school in another year or two, so I’m thinking it’s best to choose something that can hopefully be for sure credit, and Noeo doesn’t seem promising in that regard.

    Thankful for all the good input!


    We love NOEO but also echo the expense concern>> We did Chem III and I already had a chemistry set so the expense wasn’t too great. Same with the Physics III – I have the physics kit they use so I am tempted. I agree that for high school it might be a bit weak in certain areas but they do highly suggest that their guides and questions are a ‘minimum’ expectation. I read that to mean we can expect much more and more indepth reading but it can be reading of our choosing, not just from a textbook. Still undecided about the physics but I am leaning to it for 9th grade then going on to the Biology 101 and Chemistry 101 courses which I know have been assessed and accredited for our high school we are registered with. Noeo is a great program, it would be best to share the cost with a few other families and make a co-op out of it.



    I got Physic II for this coming year, it looks great to me and my way to look at the expense is: I would be spending what I spend in total for the whole year in about a month in a private school!!

    The reason it is more appealing to me than Apologia is that you cover more than one subject in a year.


    Noeo does tend to be more expensive than buying a spine, such as Apologia, but the curriculum includes so many great books I can understand they price. I recommend watching eBay and used curriculum boards. I got quite a discount this year!


    I have NOEO Physics 1 for sale. Here’s a link with short description and photo…..http://reflectionsfromdrywoodcreek.blogspot.com/2012/04/numerous-books-for-sale.html


    Please PM me for further details. 




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