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  • Thanks for explaining! I do something similar with chores that’s been very successful for a long time, but it has never occurred to me to do it with school!

    Now I am off to think this through….:)

    Thanks again!


    Hm….  thinking this might end up working for me when I want to move to a more weekly based system….  Will have to think a bit…  but I could give the student a card for each “lesson” we want done over the week… so 5 math cards, a card for each book to be read (a chapter) in the week, etc.   I look at the AO schedule at the start of the week and assemble the cards.  And they could look at the organizer to determine where they are if they aren’t sure… and when they are done it, give it to me…….. hm, will have to think on this….



    jeaninpa –

    Thanks so much for the additional details and I know exactly which baskets you are talking about!  I’m really giving your system some thought Smile


Viewing 3 posts - 16 through 18 (of 18 total)

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