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    AprilMayJune75- Right Start is what I really want to use but the price is bordering on impossible for us right now. I do have a question about it if you wouldn’t mind giving me your input on:

    My daughter has been in Abeka math for 4 years now, which is also a spiral method curriculum. After looking and researching Right Start, I’m wondering if changing now would confuse her. For example, she has mastered multiple number multiplication and she learned it a certain way. If Right Start teaches it completely different and references that, won’t she be confused? I mean, some of the concepts are even called different things than she is used to hearing. How would that work? I just don’t want to confuse her. She is excellent in math and I don’t want to ruin that. I just want to get away from the learn how, memorize, do 30 problems, workbook type of learning. She didn’t learn hardly anything hands-on. Ya know?

    My 5 year old just started so I feel comfortable switching to such a different method curriculum with him.

    Jumping in at an upper level of RS may be difficult as I am not sure that it reteaches the concepts taught in the lower levels. And the way RS teaches is going to be very different from Abeka. So you might need to start at a lower RS level if you go that direction. 



    My favorite math texts are the Strayer Upton Practical Arithmetics books. They have word problems and tons of practice for mastery. My children have aquired great mental computation skills while working through these little books. They are great for independent work and have all of the answers in the back of each one.



    I have had some luck getting used RightStart curriculum, and I understand that you can sell the used about the same price you paid for it used if you keep it in good condition

    If a student is going into a higher level, there are transition lessons you do with them, to get them understanding the RS way of doing things…


    Britney, why don’t you call RightStart directly and ask them for their advice in switching your daughter over?  If you explain your concerns, I’m sure they would be able to give you direction and answer honestly.  I’ve heard from lots of moms on the RightStart yahoo group that the consultants have been very helpful with all kinds of questions.  It doesn’t mean you have to commit to the program, but at least you could get some of your concerns answered before you decide. 

    Also, you could ask about their recommendations for the long term, past Level E.  They recommend doing Level G (The Geometric approach) after Level E.  About half-way through Level G, you introduce Module A of Videotext (this is the pre-algebra part of Videotext). RS then recommends using Videotext for Algebra and beyond.  I came across this review of Videotext the other day…http://www.rodandstaffbooks.com/list/VideoText_Algebra/   –   scroll down to bottom of page to see the review by Dr. Jay Wile (Author of Apologia Science Curriculum).

    We actually skip VideoText Algebra Module A because it is not enough on its own for pre-algebra. So we do a full pre-algebra program and  then start VT Algebra Module B.




    I don’t know why I didn’t think of just calling them. My planning crazed brain has just about had it.

    I think I am going to keep an eye out this summer for Right Start at my local used homeschool sales. But if I don’t find it at a reasonable price, I’ll need a backup plan. I’m working on that now. It’s just not feasible right now for me to spend that much since we are saving for a vas reversal. Thankfully though, Math is the only expensive subject for us since our library is so rich in so many of the living books on CM lists.

    Thank you to all of you who have recommended curriculum, I have learned so much. I have bookmarked so many publishers and will be digging deeper this weekend. Thanks again!


    Britney – you could always try http://www.booksamaritan.com to see if they can help….

    Or, I understand that you can call RightStart, and sometimes they have “looked at” curriculum for a discount (not as cheap as you might find used…)…. it is curriculum that was unused but returned, or ones that were looked at during tradeshows.    I don’t know if it is just books, or the manipulatives – but that might help….

    Did you figure out which level you would need?

    Oh – another cheaper option to look at (Which I did) – is to buy the games kit and the “Activities for Alabacus” kit (including an abacus) and using it….  It was the original program.  It isn’t as scripted though, and you would need to work out where to place them in it yourself – but it has a fairly complete math program for several years in it.  A friend of mine used it for some kids… and the levels for some kids.  I think on the website it is under their tutorial program tab….


    Check Ebay and http://www.homeschoolclassifieds.com for used RightStart math books. That is where I found mine. We are in level B now. I know they have transition lessons, but not sure how it would work out in your situation. My son had a hard time with other math programs, but he understands this one and occasionally he says, “This is fun!” We go at a slower pace, but I know that it is so important for him to understand the foundations of math now that higher math builds on later.

    Also, I recently bought two used Life of Fred (Fractions and Decimals & Percents) and I found myself reading them and laughing out loud. I liked them for myself as a good review on math and plan for my dc to use them later when they get to that level. They are also available for elementary math. It is something you might look in to.


    Britney, my DD is only 5, almost 6, so I don’t have experience with RightStart at that level. However, from what I understand, they have a transition level to go from another curriculum to RightStart. Maybe start a thread and ask those who have transitioned to Right Start from another math curriculum?

    I agree with checking the homeschoolclassifieds website. I found the entire deluxe curriculum there for $100, which was about $200 from the publisher. We use the manipulatives all the time, so it wasn’t a total waste.



    Thanks everyone!

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