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    I can’t say enough about MathUSee. For us, it has been our best purchase every year. We have used it since the beginning, and I can’t image trying to find something else. Life of Fred has been suggested to me, but I would only use it as a supplement (like to fill space for the remainder of this year since ds finished Beta). The MUS website is very helpful too, as I can print extra worksheets for more practice and use their online drills to generate addition/sub/multiplication/division probs for practice. Those are free, whether you use their curriculum or not.


    We struggled with all sorts of math programs until we found Rod and Staff.


    We LOVE Teaching Textbooks! teachingtextbooks.com I have an 11yo, 4yo, and 5 month old. It has an intimidating price but I do not let them write in the actual text so that they can be passed down from one child to the next.



    I just reviewed a bunch of math programs so I could figure out what I wanted to go with next year. Maybe you’ll find it helpful: http://wiseowlhomeschool.wordpress.com/2012/04/01/the-search-for-the-perfect-math-program/ There’s so much out there, and math just seems to be harder to pick than other subjects. Best of luck!


    We also struggle in this area, math is obviously not mom’s strong subject. We started out with MUS and as much as I wanted to love it, I didn’t get it and the kids hated it so we switched to Singapore. If I couldn’t figure it out, I wasn’t able to re-inforce the lessons so it wasn’t going to work. I liked singapore and so did the kids, there were only one or two concepts that they didn’t get and we worked around it. I also tried Abeka and hated it with a passion. My oldest (10) is doing teaching textbooks and likes it as do I. I do it with him as much as possible because he likes me being there, but if I can’t he can do it himself. My dd is a struggling learner and for her and my soon to be kindergartener we are going to try the Math lessons for a living education, but that is for younger years.


    Thanks everyone for sharing their math recommendations. I’m still a little torn but leaning toward CLE’s Sunrise Math. Have any of you used this?


    I use CLE’s math with my three youngest children, who each have very different learning styles and abilities, and it works well for each of them. One 11-year-old “gets” math quickly and is a bit advanced in math, but has convergence insufficiency – an eye issue that makes focusing difficult. When we tried Saxon, he had a great deal of trouble copying the problems from the book into a notebook, and his math scores plummeted even though he knew the concepts and had been doing them in another program. CLE has been great for him.

    Our other 11-year-old really struggled with math concepts and was not quick to understand, and forgot the concepts unless they were reviewed regularly. We tried several programs before trying CLE, and the set up of the lessons and the regular review works well for him too – no more complaints and he is learning.

    Our littlest, just 9, really really really struggled with math, and has trouble with nonverbal reasoning skills (which = math). We tried MUS, wanting to love it, but it was not a success here. We started him in CLE this year, and he is progressing well.

    One thing you should know is that the program, according to the gals on the Well Trained Mind forums, runs 12-18 months advanced, and we found this to be the case as well. Do use the placement test and make sure you place your child correctly if you choose the program. They have the scope and sequence of each of the books on their website, so you can start midway through one of the sets if you feel that’s the right placement. And the program is so reasonably priced, if you decide to try a unit, you haven’t invested a ton of money.



    I think CLE is a solid math program. 


    CLE looks very interesting. Thanks for the input, even though this isn’t my thread, lol.


    Thanks everyone!


    I am trying to find a new math for next year as well. I was looking at math mammoth but have just heard about CLD math in this post and it looks good. Can anyone tell me what exactly is covered in grade 3 and 4? Or give me the page to look it up? I can’t seem to find it on the site.



    I have heard great things about CLE Sunrise Math, and I have a friend who uses it, and loves it. It’s more of a spiral method, though, and I know after Right Start that neither DD as the student, nor me as the teacher, do well with spiral methods.

    I am looking at Mastering Mathematics, which is a mastery program, Christian in nature in re: to story problems, written by a homeschooling parent (Les Farmer)and covers K-8 math.

    I’m also intrigued by Math Lessons for a Living Education.



    We started using Math on the Level this year, and I love it.  I think it fits in perfectly with the CM method of teaching.  It is very teacher-intensive, but it provides plenty of teaching ideas.  My daughter, who insists she hates math, is doing well because it is not workbook-based.  I write her math problems in a notebook based on what I have taught her.  I especially like that it gives me the freedom to choose the concepts we will work on, though the authors do give suggestions.  There are no grade levels assigned to the concepts so you can put different aged students together without any stigma about what grade level they are working at.  It won’t be right for everyone, but I think it is worth looking into. 


    Another Math on the Level family here.

    It really does work. Our sons, 13, 12 and 9, have learned a lot using it. All are different learning styles and 12YO DS just started speaking English 2 years ago when we adopted him.

    He BEGS for his 5-A-Days if I don’t have them done first thing in the AM.

    Our oldest is ready for something more as MOTL goes from PreK to Pre-Algebra, but he has a solid base after us using this program and its maturational method for 3 years.

    I do highly recommend it. It seems pricey but if you have several children and break it down by years and per child, it is very cost-friendly. The MOTL yahoo group is a great place to ask questions and anyone can join who has the product or has an interest in learning about it.

    Oldest son btw is using Saxon now and while he doesn’t love it, he thinks it works and I do too. He is just beginning the Algebra 1/2 book right now and plans to work on it through the summer. A neighbor gave us the Saxon and DIVE CDs/DVDs to use along with the book.

    Here is the site for CLE Math. They have samples of each light unit. Just view details for the grade you want.



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