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    My 8yo boys LOVE LEGOS!  Speaking of narration, I often hear them acting out our history studies with them.  When we were studying the American Revolution one of them ran out and said, “We need to write to LEGO!”  When I asked why, he replied, “WE NEED MORE REDCOATS!!  The Patriots are fine.  They just wore regular clothes, but WE NEED MORE REDCOATS!!!!”  Cool  I told him maybe they should write to the company and ask if they would consider doing history sets…wars, pioneers, Alamo, etc.  Maybe we homeschoolers should do that.  Might get their attention.


    My 9yo made an Olympic gold medalist (swimming) the other day (looks like he’s wearing a swimming cap, lol). All of their creations crack me up! If Lego hasn’t invented it, my boys color, break, switch around pieces, or whatever, to create a person/thing they need for their playtime.

    What a great thread!


    Love it Mr. Smith!  We’ll check that web site out.


    With all of the talk of Legos lately, I thought I would bump this up and give the link to sign up for the free Lego magazine.

    My ds8 is starting to get into building things more. He has done some basic houses, planes, and cars with no instructions, but he recently spent a whole Sunday afternoon building a semi-truck and trailer using the instructions that came with a kit. I was thinking of getting a book of building instructions for him, but I’ll check out the links here first. Doug made a good point that relying on instructions too much can stiffle creativity.

    Does anyone have any more ideas to share here?

Viewing 4 posts - 16 through 19 (of 19 total)

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