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    Just to throw another option in – I’m looking at Sheldon’s First Language Lessons.   It is looking quite nice from what I’ve seen so far… and it is free on (and I think Google books)….


    That is very helpful.  

    At first, looking into these different things was rather defeating in the area of language arts…it was so easy to just go back to the textbooks, but I am starting to get excited about it more and more.  I am really looking forward to a year of less paperwork and more heart work! 


    oops  “that is very helpful” goes to all of you!!  :o)  thanks  

    I looked at Sheldon from the very first person that posted a link.  It is new to me also.  Is it meant to be written out by the student?–so many questions to answer!  or done orally?  


    Well, we haven’t done Sheldon’s yet – looking at it for next year with my (to be) 9yo ds…

    Lesson I – looks like an oral discussion.

    Lesson 2 – looks oral to me…

    Lesson 3 – looks to me like it would be written (filling in words in the story…) – part 2 I take to be Oral…

    Lesson 4 – memory

    Lesson 5 – copywork of a few statements – discussion of them, then dictation…

    Lesson 6 – most of it oral – some filling in words in sentences…, some copywork

    Lesson 7 – filling in blanks to make a story

    Lesson 8 – Oral, and then writing 3 statements, 3 questions, 1 command, 1 exclamation.

    Lesson 9 – writing statements, etc…

    Lesson 10 – Oral…


    so a mixture from what I see.   I think there isn’t a lot of writing (at least in the first lessons) – but is working towards getting them to write.


    It seems to me that this works on a number of Language Arts type skills… 



    When looking for Sheldon in google books for free books, I came across a book by M. L. Nesbitt called Grammar-land. I just read a few pages and it is delightful so far. I think my older children will enjoy this! I also found Emma Serl’s primary language lessons. These are all new resources to me! I think along with FLL, I will have plenty of ideas to begin a gentle approach for my daughter! This forum is Wonderful!


    My DS8 is using Serle’s PLL for the second year, and really enjoys it; we’ve used Serle’s Intermediate Language Lessons with three boys now. I didn’t mention it before because I didn’t want to overwhelm you with options, but now that you’ve mentioned it, I wanted to let you know how much we love those little books. I like that they’re not consumable and we’ve certainly gotten our mileage out of the sweet little hardbacks! We use composition notebooks I found at walmart – blank at the top, lined on the bottom – for the younger kids’ lessons.


    I usually just want to buy all the good stuff people like.  It is nice to have a few options!  I will look into the other options more but I did order the First Language Lessons so I can compare it to other things better.  It really sounds like a great first start for her!  I think the other options may be great for my son so it is all worth looking at!


    There are free worksheets that are out of the Grammarland book that a homeschooling mother has posted online.  If you google it, you should find it.


    Thanks for the Grammar land worksheet tip! I hope my kids enjoy this as much as I am. 🙂

Viewing 9 posts - 16 through 24 (of 24 total)

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