Spelling Wisdom Links and Tips

Spelling Wisdom Book 1

The Links and Tips below are related to our Spelling Wisdom books. This series teaches today’s 6,000 most frequently used words presented in the writings of great men and women of history! Be sure to check back here from time to time because we will be adding new and updated resources related to the book as we get them. If you have some resources that you’d like to recommend, let us know!

Solutions to Mathematic Exercises

All five Spelling Wisdom books contain some exercises from Amusements in Mathematics by Henry Ernest Dudeney. If your child (or you) would like to know the anwers to those mathematical puzzles, you’ll find the solutions in this e-text version of the book. Enjoy!


We are so thankful for our gracious readers who help us identify and correct any typos in our books!

Spelling Wisdom, Book 2

  • Exercise 14, page 32: Closing quotation marks are needed at the end of the exercise.
  • Exercise 38, page 56: A comma should be inserted at the end of the first line (after “the night is behind us”) and the next to last line (after “nor shark overtake thee”). Already corrected in printed version.
  • Exercise 40, page 58: If you are using the American Spelling Version, “ploughed” and “plough” should be spelled “plowed” and “plow.” Both spellings are acceptable in the American dictionary, but “plow” is the preferred spelling listed. Already corrected in printed version.
  • Exercise 102, page 120: In the last paragraph, second sentence, insert a beginning quotation mark before the word “division” (“ans.,” “division,” and “dozen.”).

Spelling Wisdom, Book 4

  • Exercise 1, page 19: change “in” to “is” to make the exercise read “forming just opinions is a very great part” Already corrected in printed version.
  • Exercise 46, page 64: change “What” to “When” at the beginning of the second line, and change “couched” to “crouched” in line 10.

All Spelling Wisdom Books

  • It looks like the Introduction, How to Use, and About Spelling Wisdom sections decided to stick to their own favorite page numbers (4–7) regardless of where we inserted them in the various books. Already corrected in printed version.

E-Book Backup

We encourage you to make a backup of your e-book file for safekeeping. Feel free to copy your file onto a CD, an external hard drive, or another type of media, and store it away from your computer. If something happens to your computer or the files on it, you’ll still have a copy of your e-book in a safe place.