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Laying Down the Rails: A Charlotte Mason Habits Handbook

The Bonus Features below are related to our book Laying Down the Rails: A Charlotte Mason Habits Handbook. Compiled into this volume are all the habits Charlotte mentioned in her writings with her thoughts and suggestions for cultivating each one. Be sure to check back here from time to time because we will be adding new and updated resources related to the book as we get them. If you have some resources that you’d like to recommend, let us know!

Brain Activity and Habits

Scientists in Charlotte’s day described the way that the brain works as habits’ making an “impression” or a “rut” in the substance of the brain. They weren’t far off. Today scientists have fine-tuned that description of brain activity as they have discovered that neurons transmit information to various sections of the brain, and those neurons form pathways, many of which are based on repetition. Here are some interesting articles on how habits affect the brain.


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This simple yet effective Scripture Memory System is a great tool to help your whole family memorize and review passages along the same lines as Charlotte advocated.


  • Sol-fa Method—Read the Wikipedia entry that explains more about the Sol-fa method of singing, which was used in the movie The Sound of Music and featured in the song “Do-Re-Mi.”
  • List of Composers—Here is a list of composers to help you get started in surrounding your child with wonderful music. Click on any composer’s name to see corresponding resources in our CM Bookfinder.

Personal Help with Habits

Read other parents’ practical suggestions for cultivating the habits mentioned in Laying Down the Rails and add your own ideas.

Reading for Instruction

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E-Book Backup

We encourage you to make a backup of your e-book file for safekeeping. Feel free to copy your file onto a CD, an external hard drive, or another type of media, and store it away from your computer. If something happens to your computer or the files on it, you’ll still have a copy of your e-book in a safe place.